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11-14-2007, 06:36 AM
Hi guys.

Just did Zul'Aman last night, with 500,000 other people from around North America, and while we're not the best guild on the server we did manage to down Eagle Boss.

One thing I'll mention, is that although I found multiple strats of the Boss himself, no one mentioned the "Gauntlet" that preceeded him. Hence, my post. If it can save a guild a bit of trouble, it's worth the effort.

-Eagle Boss Gauntlet-
After you kill bear boss (Grats!), head North (left of the front enterance) towards the Eagle Boss. There is a Lookout Mob at the base of a Ramp standing there waiting for you. He is immune to everything, and when you proximity aggro him, he will run up the ramp to sound the alarm.

Basically, on this ramp are 3 groups of 2 elites, then there is a hard left turn, where 4 more elites wait and the lieutenant. A Melee one and a Windcaster one. While the pulls of 2 are managable, every 30 seconds or so, you'll get a group of 5 eagles from the top of the ramp and 2 additional elites from the back of the ramp. These new Adds will not stop spawning until you pull the "lieutenant" of the Eagle boss.

In addition to that, the groups of 2 elites on the ramp, respawn in about 2 minutes... so if you tally too long on the ramp, you could find yourself dealing with Re-pops.

With many guilds wiping on this last night, it was finally overcome for us, using the following strategy.

<- Down Ramp -> Up Ramp
MT -1 pally healer - AOE Healers - DPS - OT

My crude diagram here represents the Ramp you're running up and how you should spread out along it.

Basically, the OT tanks the pairs of elites, while the DPS kills the Wind Caster first, then the Melee Elite. As Eagles come down, the AOE brings them down, keeping out of range of any Elites during the AOE storm, and keeping the mages alive.

Me, as the main tank, I bring up the rear with 1 pally healer. As the 2 elites come from behind, I immediately THunderclap them, and Demo shout, and procceed to cleave spam, effectively holding them both. They dont hit me hard, 350-500 per hit... easily healable.

That's it. Keep pushing forward, and move up the ramp. The important thing is keeping elites glues to your MAINTANK from behind, and OT to the front. Then the AOE can Nuke the birds without fear which they should do every time eagles come. They hit for 600 on cloth and trying to AOE more than 8, usually got our mage killed.

Once the OT pulls the "Lieutenant guy" who's standing on the base of the Eagle boss's stairs, the Eagles and 2 Elites from behind stop coming. Kill the Lieutenant, then everyone comes and kills the MT's adds. By the end I had about 8-10 on me... but it was managable. They dont have many HPS, and even tanking them, I killed like 2.

So as with everything in this game, there are more than one ways to skin a cat. But being unprepared for the Trash like this (the first few wipes were fun, not realizing the zerg of adds was ENDLESS :)

I figure, tankspot (theoryspot) has helped me so much, I would take the time to maybe help someone in return.

Thanks, and good luck in ZA!

Dwarf Warrior

11-14-2007, 09:29 AM
That is how we do it also. Works great. Just move to the next pair of guards as soon as you kill one set to keep it rolling. We use a pally in the back to tank the birds and the guards that come from behind. He tanks them all to the top of the ramp and we killed them there before taking on the last guards before the boss.

11-14-2007, 09:48 AM
Very nice.

11-14-2007, 11:22 AM
Yeah we started off trying to CC most of the trolls, but sooner or later CC would get broken by the AoE on the eagles and people would start dying. We stopped having problems once we decided to just have the feral druid round up the adds that come up the ramp from behind while single-target DPS would kill the caster troll and AoE classes would deal with eagles. DPS the remaining adds down when you get a chance, and otherwise just drag them up the ramp with the group as you move on to the next stationary pair. They deal very little damage so any type of tank should be able to hold 3-4 or more as necessary.

The melee-types standing on the ramp are immune to sheep, but can be rooted if you want to save your healers some mana.

11-14-2007, 01:51 PM
If you have a Tankadin he could probably tank the 2 Elites and the Eagles.

We didn't do Eagle last night, just Bear and Dragonhawk, so I can't tell you anything first hand.

11-15-2007, 02:45 AM
Just wanted to say many thanks for this strat - we tried it last night, with only a few learning problems. My main problem was getting charged from the adds coming from behind - but luckily my pally healer stunned or hit them and brought them back to me. I am contemplating equipping a fast thrown weapon though and throwing it at the adds as they appear and see if that helps.

I was blocking 500 damage so less than a hundred getting through at the most - by the top I had 6-8 on me without any serious problems and once the dps had killed the mob they had to to stop it, they simply aoe'ed my lot down.

We had a couple of tries on the boss - best was 50&#37; - reminds me of Aran - once you'e figured out a way to keep everyone alive, it will be easy :)

11-15-2007, 06:22 AM
Interesting strategy!
We just nuked the 2 elites, AoEd the birds while the 2 elites that spawn behind the raid were CCed. Your strategy sounds faster.

11-15-2007, 07:46 AM
I am trying to figure out if it's more advantageous having the OT lead the way or having the MT lead the way, does it really matter? Only reason why I'm saying this is because we used the same strat as you did last night but I(as the MT) was leading the way up the ramp, demo shouting/tclapping birds as well as tanking both elites while the druid OT was taking down the Warriors coming up from behind. It was one heck of a fight but we got to the 2nd boss. :)

Your thoughts?

P.S. The Pally Hat dropped off the first boss, but of course, we don't have a pally healer so I just *had* to wear it around Shattrah for fun.

11-15-2007, 09:59 AM
I personally found it easier to have the "MT" lead the way as the warrior adds in the back don't really hit that hard whereas the 2 adds up front plus the birds do add up. Controlling the birds and getting a bit of threat on them so they can be AoEd down before they shred your casters is essential :)

11-15-2007, 10:53 AM
Ahh, this'll help my guild, and hopefully me, they couldn't handle the adds me thinks.

11-15-2007, 01:17 PM
If you have a Tankadin he could probably tank the 2 Elites and the Eagles.

Tried this trash first with my warrior as MT with a warrior OT. We were splitting it up, I tank windwalker, OT tanks melee guy. The adds would start coming just after we killed the windwalker, so I'd go pick up the two trolls in the back and have aoe nuke the birds. Worked decently, but only if pace could be kept up and no one dies... By the 4th pack around the corner we simply couldn't keep up in time and would get 4 warriors, the 2 main elites, and craptons of birds...

Eventually gave up with my warrior and logged in my prot pally and aoe tanked everything. First two trolls, the birds came, walked them to warriors, and aoe'd everything down like shattered halls or kara guest packs. We had a priest, druid, and pally healing, which was more than enough to keep me up since they could focus all heals on one player instead of the MT, OT, Mage, and randomly loose mob, etc.

But then once we got on boss, we only had 2 attempts in before the entire thing respawned... Is that intented?

11-15-2007, 02:21 PM
Not sure about the re-spawn, we 2 shot him and didn't see any re-spawn afterwards at all. In fact someone who joined our raid later ran up there to complete the bag quest. Wonder if it was a fluke? Or maybe there is just a re-spawn timer if you don't kill him in a certain amount of time. It sounds like you made a few tries and changed toons, must be that.

11-15-2007, 02:41 PM
But then once we got on boss, we only had 2 attempts in before the entire thing respawned... Is that intented?

The same thing happened to us, we had two attempts before everything respawned, we were pissed and called it a night. Someone from the raid had timers and noticed that 30 minutes had passed when respawns occurred after we cleared. Mind you, I don't if you are 'allowed' only 2 attempts before it all respawns or it's just a 30 minute timer.

11-15-2007, 03:01 PM

The Gauntlet respawns 30 minutes after it is over. Best thing to do is go over your strategy for eagle boss at the bottom of the ramp, before you begin the gauntlet.

The eagle boss has a 10 minute hard enrage too, so unless you wipe quick, you really only have 3 attempts before you'll have repops.

Good luck!

Atank 70 Dwarf Warrior

11-19-2007, 06:15 AM
For those of you who cannot do the full push to the top (like my guild could not for some reason) there is another tactic that we found. What we did, (and this only works if you're not pushing the 20 minute timer) is split the tanks up, OT in front, myself (prot warrior) in back. I would pick up the adds as they came. I found if you jump down the ramp and thunderclap you can clear ground faster than they can and actually get the TC off before they spawn. Then if you hold them at the bottom, by the time the people at the top kill the elites and the birds, they can actually get out of combat and drink. Like I said, this tactic is very slow, but its quite efficient. We did it and were able to get four good attempts on the bird boss before our OT finally just called it quits on us. (Darn Real Life).

Figured I would share this with you guys for those of you who still might be struggling with it.

11-19-2007, 08:36 AM
I found if you jump down the ramp and thunderclap you can clear ground faster than they can and actually get the TC off before they spawn. Then if you hold them at the bottom, by the time the people at the top kill the elites and the birds, they can actually get out of combat and drink.

We have only attempted the gauntlet a few times on one night so far, but we had alot of problems with it.

I don't really understand though what you are saying above. Are you saying to just stand at the troll spawn point at the back and hold them there?

11-19-2007, 08:41 AM
Yup, and when my guys at the top kill the wave of elites, (we usually killed the first two groups, killed the birds down, then by that time I would have 3-4 of the spawns from the bottom on me). I would bring them up to my dps group, we'd kill my spawns and i'd stand up there and wait for the next group to come. If done quickly enough, you can pop half to all of your members except the OT out of combat as he is going to be dealing with the birds. This allows everyone to drink. When the trolls at the bottom spawn, I run and jump down the slope to catch them halfway in a charge and can usually get a TC off before they get by me. Me and my holy priest alone were able to keep most of these spawns killed off. We never had more than 4 up at any point.

11-19-2007, 09:31 AM
Did it with a Protection paladin and me tanking. We just pulled the first two groups, AoE'd the casters, then moved on. Same thing with the next two groups, then I grabbed the "lieutenant" tanked him.

A Protection paladin really trivializes the gauntlet.

11-26-2007, 10:50 AM
My guild didn't really have any problems with it. MT takes the right add, OT on the left. The main target is usually dead by the time the warriors are coming up the rear, I intervene down to the back and pick them up... then drag them up to the AoE while we focus on the OT's target.

Once the OT's target is dead we move up to the next set (DPS keeps going on the warrior adds, and they usually die shortly after we engage the next set of mobs) and rinse / repeat.

We've done it with a Bear OT, Warrior OT and Pally OT... not really any huge difference. Though I imagine Consecrate might make it slightly easier if you're having problems holding all of those adds in one spot.

11-26-2007, 02:44 PM
My Guild's strategy is similar but a little different. Our raid composition is :
2 Tanks
3 Healers (Preferably one being a paladin)
3 Ranged DPS
2 Melee DPS (preferably one a fury warrior if you don't have a healadin)

We position the MT at the front of the group and the OT at the rear. In front of the MT is the healadin. The healadin has righteous fury on. The MT tags the two elites and DPS rips apart the wind walker and protector. The healadin is spam healing himself so the birds go to and stay on him. Ranged DPS kills off the birds we have and we move up. By this time the two adds from behind come and the OT picks them up while Ranged DPS takes them down.

The MT with the melee moves ahead and pulls the next two elites while the healadin once again positions himself in front of the pack. Melee concentrates on the wind walker, once ranged DPS finishes the warriors they help with the wind walker and protector. Rinse and repeat.

If you do not have a healadin we found using a fury warrior cleave spamming, tclapping and whirlwinding as much as possible helps because usually they can just solo the birds.

11-26-2007, 02:49 PM
I've been doing ZA on my Ret paladin. I pull on the spell damage tanking set and run up to consecrate. Dropping it just ahead of the elite packs forces the birds to fly through at least a couple ticks and you can cluster them long enough for AOE to bring them down. Seal of Wisdom was enough to sustain mana through it. Pretty much any paladin makes the gauntlet easy.

06-05-2008, 06:51 AM
Man I have been searching for hours on Gauntlet information, and this is about the best I could find. (Found a Metric F Tonne of info on the boss fight though)

My guilds 2nd attempt at the Guantlet last night. (Going from Kara to ZA since wenever have enough people to do 25 mans).
We did a kind of stutter step up the ramp.
I would hit a pair of trolls, DPS would cook caster while AOEing everything else, move up, rinse repeat till top.
Top we killed off most of the elites, not counting the adds that kept coming from below, then pulled the Tempest.
The Tempest did a Moroes style vanish at about 50 - 60% health, and when he reappeared it was with 3 caster types surrounding us....
We killed Tempest but not before the casters cooked me and then the raid wiped and everything reset. We called it a night at that point.

Is this normal?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the casters? (send DPS/Prot warriors off to taunt the casters as soon as they appear to leave me with only 1 caster and Tempest to deal with?)

06-05-2008, 07:10 AM
That was a bug, it's happened to my groups as well. Sucks, but nothing you can do about it. What *should* happen is you'll pull the Tempest and he'll die just fine (no vanishing or anything), although a lot of times it's best to get one of the 2 mobs at the foot of the stairs dead or mostly dead, then pull Tempest and rip through him as fast as possible to stop the gauntlet. You want to get to him and down him as quickly as possible without getting overwhelmed by mobs or birds.

I usually work the back going up the gauntlet and send the other tank up first, which is usually a druid for us. When the 2nd mob is about half dead, he moves up to the next pair. The caster dies first, then melee. As the birds appear, we use whatever group comp we've got (hopefully we got a mage and/or warlock) to control him. I pick up the mobs coming from behind and have a healer assigned to me and usually our super-DPS boomkin blows them up. When we get to within reach of the Tempest, I usually end up with 4 or so on me while Tempest is being killed, but they're not a super big deal.


06-05-2008, 09:01 PM
always kill the wind walkers first. They do insane amounts of damage but yeah way we do it is.

PAlly tank start the run at front (he tanks 2 elites and the birds)
Im at the back tanking the 2 elites coming from behind with a top melee dps to gank em (They hit like girls and die quick)

Move onto next set etc

When your at the bottom of steps have the pally tank start those 2.
While u grab and hold the boss. (Sooner u start the boss sooner the birds and elite adds will stop coming up the ramp)

06-05-2008, 10:02 PM
I keep hearing that the gauntlet is hard without a tankadin, but it's just not so. We took two warrior tanks tonight (it was my first time, although I'm certainly not under geared for it) and a pally healer. On the gauntlet the pally healer through a shield on and followed our MT up the hill and consecrated every time the eagles came, allowing our DPS to AOE them down. In the moments when there were no eagles or elites at the front we killed the guys I had tanked, I never had more than two (although they hit like pansies, so it wouldn't have been a big deal if I had more).

Yes, aoe agro is nice, but it just doesn't require a druid or pally tank if you have a pally healer.

Edit: I'm not knocking other tanking classes, we often take a tankadin to ZA, but raids that have only warriors shouldn't fear the eagle gauntlet if they have a plate healer with them.

06-06-2008, 05:46 AM
Thank you for the info on that being a bug. That let me convince most of the folks to go back in. Took 2 tries to do the Guantlet, and 3 tries to down Akil'zon.
Had plenty of time for us to go get our butts handed to us by Jan'Alai repeatedly.
But we will keep going and trying to get some drops from the first 2, and working on the 3rd/4th.