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11-10-2007, 10:52 PM
Ok i thought id put it out here to get some feed back.

I am a officer in the guild i am in. We are having alot of disscusion on what and when to move on to the next thing.

Heres our current situation.

Kara - all bosses down and on farm but netherspite and nitebane
Gruul's - King on farm, no Gruul kill.

Now theres been alot of officers pushng to start up SSC, I personally want to finish Kara completely first. We have 3 kara raids running each week all have a Prince kill. We have worked very hard to get to where we are now and im having a real hard time just moving on to somthing else without finishing what we started. Also we dont have a Gruul kill. I think that needs to be completed too b 4 we start SSC.

On top of all that ZA is dropping soon with better gear.

Is it time to give up on kara? And move on?

I allways thought it would be best to have 25 ppl totaly geared outta kara and gruul b 4 doing SSC. We have taken trash expiditions to the first boss. But i see all that as a waste of time in our raiding schedule. We do 3 raid teams during the week and gruuls on saturday. So taking time out to screw around in SSC hinders progression and gearing as i see it. We probably only have 4 T4 helms and the same in shoulders guildwide atm.

So im at a loss on my position should i be all for pushing past kara to do SSC and ZA and say well hit the last bosses in kara for fun later some day. Or should i keep the pressure on to finish kara first and then move on like i have been. I guess i push so hard on finishng cause im the raid leader of the most geared team, all we have left is nightbane currently 70% and netherspite 60%, and we have worked hard to get here.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for listening - Boda

11-10-2007, 11:36 PM
I suppose you are aiming to progress to SSC/TK, and then beyond.

Gruul/Mag is not part of the progression at the moment, but it is a good gear boost everyweek. You can try worldbosses as well. I don't know how many days do you raid weekly.

And of course, ZA drops T5 level gear. IMO, you can make Karazhan on raid holidays as unofficial raids and do other stuff to get some better gear, and start gearing frost/nature resist tanks for Hydross.

But you must down NS and NB. Just focus on them for a week, kill them, then you'll kill them everytime you are there. They are much easier than prince, only a matter of learning.

11-11-2007, 03:26 AM
If you are unable to finish Kara and Gruul you won't be able to finish ZA and SSC/TK.

Follow the rules of progression. Kill the easier stuff before you move up, you'll get gear and skills to help you later on.

11-11-2007, 04:44 AM
Fights like Netherspite, Magtheridon and Lurker really require everyone to play their roles to perfection. If you have any weak links in your guild, these are the fights where they totally break.

Nightbane kind of falls into that category as well, but not as much. Your tank needs to be geared, and your healers need staying power. Your tank also needs to know where to be at all times, and be able to flawlessly dance the fears.

Gruul is all about DPS, with a side of positioning. DPS blowing up your healers is a good way to wipe, and so is DPS blowing up each other. Shatter positions should be established before the fight to best avoid those situations. There are safe places where the ground slam won't knock you around (http://www.mmo-champion.com/images/articles/instance/gruul.png), be sure to take advantage of those. If you have another warrior tank who isn't tanking or offtanking, have him intervening the MT during a silence, etc.

Unless your guild is able to work well together, and everyone pulls their weight, your progression will soon grind to a halt. Do your best to identify the weak links and talk to them privately, explaining how/why they're failing. If they still don't show improvement, it'd be a good idea to start trying to find a replacement. They can get away with sucking for a while, but it will definitely catch up to them soon.

Edit: I guess I got a bit off topic. My suggestion would be to follow the standard lines of progression. Get the rest of Kara on farm, get comfortable with Gruul. After that, Void Reaver is a relatively easy fight for good loot. If you really want to test your individual players' abilities to be constantly aware of their surroundings and ability to pull off flawless execution, move on to Magtheridon and Lurker. In each of these fights, especially Mag, one players mistake will wipe you in seconds. If one person misses their cube assignment, it's game over. If too many people eat a spout, it's game over.

11-14-2007, 12:01 PM
The lines of progression are there for a reason, if you have trouble with Spite, where raid positioning and being aware of your surroundings/being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there is a problem, you will be unable to move forward in progression, as the majority of foights further along require near perfecion in these things, atleast until you outgear them.