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Title says it all... I'm looking for ZA strategy... The place has great loot and I don't wanna waste time :D

If anyone knows any link, pst :D

cheers, GB

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bug joana, and fame they might be able to doll something up. If I get permission from Joana, I can put up an informal guide he gave me up to lynx boss I think.

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alright lemme grab it from Gforums since its in 1 big post that way:

ideal group comp:

2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 DPS.
Sub in an additional healer if an encounter is too hard. One of the DPS serving as an off-healer works good for this.

Should have:
-one Mage
-good AOE
-Chain Heal helps, as does BoP
-good balance of ranged vrs melee

make sure to get all the quests in the NPC area outside of ZA. You will be asked, among other things, to find a map which is located next to the Bear Boss. A 20-slot bag is your reward for that quest, and it continues in a chain.

Both tanks should be capable at handling multiple targets at once. DPS should watch themselves as trash hits clothies hard.

Beware Scouts.
They pat around the place and respawn quickly. When you see one, you must engadge it and kill it before it can reach the nearest set of drums. If it reaches the drums it will call reinforcements which are a strong group of trolls and bats that can be difficult to handle and not wipe.
Open with an intercept stun or Avenger's Shield, after doing a quick count-down so that all the ranged can charge up their biggest nukes.
Scouts are affected by most snares, as well as Stuns.
Hammer of Justice by a Paladin works great for this, as does Avenger's Shield.
While Scouts do not have much health, the danger is the fact that they don't have to make it far to reach the drums.

The casters in the groups of trolls in the area where the scouts pat are dangerous. They cast a heroism on their group which also increases damage done and spam fireballs.
they must be sheeped before they can heroism, and if they do manage to heroism it must be spell-stolen off them as a recast of it if their sheep breaks is pretty much instantaneous if they have heroism.
Control these casters with an initial sheep and kill them last.
Their packs are dangerous as they can rip your group up if a heroism is got off.
Be situationally aware of Scouts patting up behind you while fighting packs.

Bear Boss:
very simple fight. He is located to the right hand side as you enter ZA. clear through packs of bears and bear riders and cross a bridge to reach him. there are two bear/bear riders on his platform just in front of him, pull them back and fight them on the bridge.
be careful of his aggro radius.

You need two tanks for the fight. One for each form.
The boss swaps periodically between bear form and Troll form.
In one form he does a stacking Bleed effect DoT.
In the other he does an attack which gains extra damage for each Bleed there is on the target.

Your better geared tank should tank the Bear form, the lesser the Troll form.

He cleaves in both forms, so watch positioning.

The cleave divides its damage among all targets in front of him, so both tanks should stand on top of each other to minimize damage and be chain-healed.

Each time his form switches, the other tank should taunt. Form-change is NOT an aggro reset, so DPS should be fine as long as they stay below the tanks.

If taunt is resisted than the boss will stay attacking the current tank, who will start taking excessive amounts of damage.

In the event of a resisted taunt, dont panic.
-use Challenging Shout/Mocking Blow
-Blessing of Protection the current tank (assuming the secondary tank is 2nd on threat)
-all else failing, pop shield wall until the secondary tank can burst his way above you on threat

this is a healer endurance/tank threat-gen encounter.
You should have plenty of rage in the off-tank position because of cleave.

Hawk Boss:

The boss is on a high platform on the opposite side of Bear.
On either side are smaller platforms with connecting walkways that are filled with eggs.

The boss is tanked by the main tank in the center of the platform.

Periodically, the boss will do an emote and call two Hatchers from behind him.
they will both run to the same side-platform, alternating sides, and attempt to pop the eggs.
Ranged DPS should immediately switch and kill one of the two hatchers.
The second hatcher should be left alive (though you can bring him to like 50% if you desire), and the off-tank should position themself at the end of the walkway leading from that side-platform.

Wait until the hatcher has popped as reasonable amount of eggs as your off-tank and AOE is capable of handling and then stun/kill the last hatcher.

The off-tank will pick up the hatched birds from the eggs the hatcher popped and the AOE will kill them.

Once the eggs are dealt with ranged should return to to DPSing the boss.

Periodically, everyone will be teleported to the boss in the center, and a large amount of flame void zones will spawn all over the platform, covering roughly half the total area in a random distribution.

Everyone must spread out among all the flame void zones, being careful not to stand on them.
they spawn in a steady stream until about half the platform is covered, at which point all the void zones explode, hitting anyone standing on them very hard.

Be sure to just stay spread apart from one-another, and stay out of spawning void zones.
Once they explode the encounter progresses as before.

At a certain point (I believe based on boss hp), every single remaining unpopped egg on both side-platforms will hatch, spawning birds.
If you have been doing your job and managing the hatchers correctly, there will not be an unreasonable number of eggs left, and the remainder can be easily challenging shouted and then AOEed down.

If too many birds are hatching and your raid is unable to handle them, let more eggs be hatched by the hatchers earlier in the phase. Don't be scared, the birds don't hit hard at all.
The only danger they pose is if a tank is unable to pick them up they will aggro to your healers and pick them off, at which point you will wipe.
The hatchling tank should gear for block value, and consider using a Petrified Lichen Guard with a shield spike if they are not a Paladin.

this is a healer-endurance and raid execution fight.

Eagle Boss:

The Eagle boss is one of the more dangerous of the early bosses.
Ranged DPS is required for the fight, with warlocks and Elemental Shamans being the most useful.

Throughout the fight a large number of eagles will fly around through the air. they must be managed and killed by 1-2 assigned ranged DPS players.
Chain Lightning works wonders.

The most dangerous aspect is the Storm the boss will summon.
Periodically, a massive lightning storm will spawn over the entire platform, doing lots of nature damage to everyone.
One random player will have a cloud appear over their head. All the people in the raid must immediately move under the cloud, where they will be sheltered from the lightning.

thats all there is to the fight.

Make sure that players are spread out, but yet not too far away, so that everyone is able to reach the cloud promptly, no matter who it appears over.
the cloud doesn't follow the person, but remains where it spawned.

Healthstones help a lot to let people keep themselves alive while dashing for the cloud.
HoTs by a healing druid are also very helpful.

This is an execution, raid awareness fight, and can have high healing requirements when learning it, but is greatly aided by maximized DPS.
This boss only requires one tank.

Lynx Boss:

Lynx is one of the hardest hitting bosses in the instance, and requires a well geared tank.
two tanking classes in tank gear are required for the fight.

Lynx is found deep inside one of the temples, and the trash to reach him is mostly Survival Hunter Trolls.

The boss is located in the center of a room, facing you on the threshhold in a small hallway leading into it.
Care must be taken on the pull and positioning is everything.

the Lynx boss uses an ability called Sabre Lash, which does a very high amount of damage (enough to kill a tank) but which is divided equally among all targets in his frontal arc.
The second tank most remain stacked on top of the main tank at all times, or the main tank will get one-shot. Both tanks will require healing as they will be eating sabre lashes.
the off-tank isn't there to build threat, and should be careful about parry-gibbing the Main Tank during Frenzys.

the Lynx boss also earthshocks random members of the raid. The damage is healable, however everyone must be kept topped off. Grounding totem absorbs the Earthshocks.

Every 60 seconds the boss goes into a Frenzy, hitting harder for a shortwhile, and a Lynx add will spawn.
The second tank must pick up the Lynx add and tank it, while still remaining stacked on the Main tank to eat Sabre Lashes.
Misdirect is very helpful here, as is using a prot pally as your second tank.
If, despite your best efforts, the off-tank cannot pick up the Lynx, then whoever has aggro on it must bring it to them. the two tanks must remain stacked on top of each other at all cost.
When bringing the Lynx to the secondary tank, simply bring it into Taunt Range, staying out of the boss's frontal arch.
Do NOT run right up to the tank, as you will eat a Sabre lash and probably die.

Ideally, the Lynx should be tanked facing the same way as the Boss so that the off-tank is still oriented the right direction to block Sabre Lashes.

DPS the Lynx down as a new one will spawn each 60 seconds. It doesn't have much health, it simply must be controlled each time it spawns.

This fight is a DPS race, and the faster you can kill the boss the easier the encounter is to beat.
Positioning is everything.

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*Blah it won't let me post without at least 1 character!*

A couple things I forgot.

The timed event-

The timed event begins when you talk to an NPC to the right hand side standing in a corner as you first zone into the instance and then ring a giant Gong up by the large doors.
The timer starts from the doors opening after you ring the gong. it takes a moment, and then the doors will open and the first trash pull will run at you.

You will then have 20 minutes to kill a boss.

If you head to bear first, it should be very easy to beat this timer. The trash to reach him is not long, and you should reach the boss himself in under 10 minutes. Even if you wipe once, there should be enough time to beat the 20-minute kill marker.

If you kill a boss within the timer, there will be a catured prisoner in a cage near the boss's location. Talk to them and release them to receive extra epic rewards.

If you fail to beat the timer, the prisoners will be sacrificed and you will fail the timed event.

Upon killing a boss within the 20-minute timer, the timer resets and you get a fresh 20 minutes to kill another boss.

A common drop off of trash is [Amani Hex Stick]s. USE them on the frog critters.
I don't know any more information than that.
Somehow you get loot in the process.

Each boss drops Badges of Justice, of a varying number. The final boss in the instance also drops their Blood, which can be looted by one person and turned in for 10 Badges of Justice. This is not repeatable.
The early bosses drop one epic, and the ones later in drop two.

If you want to beat the timed event, be sure to have an efficient loot distribution system.

You can use land-mounts within ZA.
Once you kill a boss their connected trash will not respawn if it hasn't already.

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I can help out with that, however im not that amazing when it comes to wording things (i shouldnt work for OnStar :confused:) I can go over the basics of the fights via vent and someone else can write them up if they like.

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I'm stuck at work so it won't be me =(

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thanks folks

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They have "some" guide to trash as well. Although I would count on wowhead or wowwiki more when it comes to specirics. :)