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11-09-2007, 06:43 AM

A bit of a back story, we've just recently cleared kara as a casual guild and have gone from a no requirement for raiding curator on to picking the top players signing up. So I have to deal with unbalanced classes and not having anyone guaranteed a spot either along with members rotating in and out on a weekly basis.

So I am the MT last night, Gregsurus is the OT though he has a full MT spec & gear. He was wearing arcane resist gear for taking the hateful bolts on curator.

The lock is one of the GM's alts who was just along to see how our kara group ran vs how the other group runs so while his dps was a bit low at times he knows it and is working on improving that.

I still don't understand how this group ended up with an aweful 2300 dps for curator even with that. We ended up killing him 10 seconds into raid wiping mode. 10 minutes 10 seconds.

Shade was exceedingly painful, expected a bit of a hard time with so many mages, and I had to swap myself out to bring in more DPS. (the kill isn't logged because of that)

After that we made a half hearted attempt at Illhoof who we've only just started to kill recently but didn't make it past 50%.

I left this in the public report so these are the actual names, the realm is Eonar if you want to see specs/gear. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. This night isn't representative of our normal performances, we've been hitting 3500dps on curator and past the last couple of weeks but with different players.

11-09-2007, 02:21 PM
Two prot specced warriors (or Paladins) in Kara is one too many. The offtank should ideally be a Feral Druid or dps Warrior for the added dps output when not tanking. This makes fights like Curator and Aran that much easier. Having a dps'er offtank Curator makes him go down that much faster as well. (I do understand that this isn't always possible and you have to do the run with the classes you have available.)

Warlock should have had Curse of Elements up at all times with three mages in the raid.

How do you normally handle Curator's Evocate phases? Typical tactic is to have all raid dps on the Astral Flares, and switch damage to Curator during Evocate phases (after all Flares are dead).

I'd suggest following this tactic until the last flare before Evocate, at which time you have one person stay and burn the last Flare down, and have the rest of the raid focus on Curator for the full duration of his Evocate.

12-11-2007, 07:46 PM
We've killed curator with 2 prot tanks, we assign the mt to tank and the OT to hit curator from the start. Having 2 rogues and a warrior running round doesnt benefit anyone from the chain lightning.

The OT stays on curator and maintains thunderclap , battleshout and basically makes sure he is 100% rage before the fun starts.

Are you falling behind on the adds? do you enter the fun stage with 2 adds alive and your using your pwnage time to kill adds instead of doing curator damage?

Are your dps bandaging as healers are oom? this will reduce add dps.

Are all of your dps in raid potting and eating stat food? this will boost your dps greatly?