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11-08-2007, 01:54 PM
I know there's a few dkp threads already, but they either seem to be more general or specific to a need other than mine. If I have missed something, please direct me to where I might find some input.

My guild will be transitioning to tier 6 content soon(ish) and us officers are wondering how to handle dkp in the new zones. I don't need in depth explanations of what your guild does, becasue we're not going to change our basic system. (Standard dkp with a high end cap, drops priced by officers, chest cost more than shoulders cost more than rings, blah blah blah)

I would however really like some input on how guild have handled the transistion itself.

Do we want to separate dkp out between the zones? On the plus side, this ensures that people that have done the T6 content are advantaged getting the T6 loot and folks just graduating to the T6 content have to put in their time on it before they will get the similar advantage. It also means that you can keep prime position to get those rare drops off Kael without worrying about not spending dkp on early T6 stuff.

However, it will lower people's desire to do the T5 content, as they're not earning T6 dkp, and it's another layer of complication. If nothing else, I think that T6 items will need to cost more (and T6 zones will need to award more dkp) to be balanced.

So, input please?

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11-08-2007, 02:06 PM
We're currently in SSC/TK and we have a DKP system in place. Tier items are the only items with mandatory DKP bids. Tier 4 however has a reduced starting price than Tier 5, i.e. T4 bids start at 25 DKP and T5 is 40 DKP. Any non-tier items are put to a /roll or if voted for, can go to a DKP bid. Offspec gear was always zero DKP if no one else needed it for a main spec.

We still gave out DKP in T4 instances when we made the transition, up until a month or so ago when we wanted to focus more on the T5 content and pretty much cut Kara/Gruul/Mag out of the picture. We did however give less DKP for downing the T4 bosses than we did for the T5 bosses. So a T4 boss might be 3 DKP whereas a T5 boss might be 5 DKP. So there's still an incentive to do it.

I'd reccommend having one DKP pool but allow people to gain DKP from all raiding content at the start of a transition. But when the guild is satisfied with the level of gear obtained from the lower tier, you might want to suggest cutting out the DKP rewards for it to ensure people are focused on upcoming content.