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11-08-2007, 11:13 AM
So I've been on the PTR a lot recently. I met a nice druid, and we have a great time in 2s. As I've always said, a great druid is like a force of god..:) The only team we had any issue with was a rogue/shadow priest combo. We have run into very few palis in the arena so far, so I just hamstring whatever is on him and watch their frustration. I know the feeling b/c last night on my regular server I had a druid do it to me..:(

As of yesterday, I learned a few more invaluable tips for arena and PTR dueling. First, save up your points now and get the new PVP trinket. It is a godsend, and although it costs 30K honor it is a must have for any serious pvper. I picked up the one with 80 atk power, 1750 maximum health increase on use. With that trinket and the new changes, rogues are not an issue anymore. I only lost one duel to a rogue yesterday out of about 20. He was very skilled, and he barely escaped with 4% health. I breathed a sigh of relief that last weekend's nightmare appears to be over. Rogues still did get buffed, but at least a competent warrior can still beat them.

Even without the new trinket, it seems like Blizzard took note on Serennia's complaint on the new global cool down/combat system. Blue made a post saying that they were looking into it, and the next day there was a PTR patch. I need to go on again today, but it seemed like yesterday I had much less of a problem hitting rogues...whereas before I couldn't even land a hamstring on them if they hit sprint. The problem seems to still be there, but to a lesser degree. Either way, better for us than it was...but still in need of more work.

Lastly, Axe vs Sword vs Mace in PVP. For those of you that are Stormherald users. Keep it. Stormherald/Mace is still quite strong on the PTR. The nerf is a bit noticeable, but mace spec is still strong in pvp. Sword spec is my chosen spec. I have won many an arena b/c of a fortuitous proc. The burst from this is unaffected by resilience, making it a tie with maces for top arena warrior spec. Axe spec is the redheaded step child of season 3. Yes, you will crit more. However with 490 resil targets, does critting for 1500 really help a lot? Resilience kills axe spec by reducing the amount of crit, and more importantly the size of the crits. Sword beats out Axe on high resilience targets in arena....hands down. Axe spec is extremely viable in raid though. If you raid a lot and pvp for fun, this may be the spec for you.

I also started on my second Kaz pvp video. I plan to do a mix of world/arena battles, and a mix of fury and arms battles with my two warriors. Depending on what's going on as I near the end, I may add PTR footage as well. I'll probably finish up in about a month or so. My last video got very mixed reviews so I'm going to put a lot of time into this one and hopefully put out one that most people enjoy. I'm an old bastard so the music should be interesting. Not that alternative crap you youngins play these days!

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11-08-2007, 11:51 AM
that would be incredibly scary O_o.

11-08-2007, 02:29 PM
Already saving up my honor points for the trinket and maybe the sword (up to 60k now xD).

I found out that Executioner is proc'ing more often now, close to the level of Mongoose (if you see a DT with executioner, that's me xD). I might be picking up executioner on the sword after all. The other thing that surprised me is that disarm is becoming viable on pvp now, i'm starting to use it a lot on arenas against rogues (where the lack of weapon chain is visible) and warriors on the ptr. The adamantite chain might be useful too, Laintime style is coming back :D

11-08-2007, 03:12 PM
Serrenia may whine alot, but devs listen to him apparently, so if there's one person who should whine, it's him >_>. I'm glad that they're trying to fix that GCD issue.

Executioner appears to me as the ''crusader'' of TBC for us warriors. This is definitly a good MT enchant threatwise, and one, if not the best, enchant for arena and general pvp, the only time it would be useless is on a fully sundered clothie. I use sunder armor as a rage dump in arenas and I rarely have the rage to fully stack anyone and still keep MS/WW and all my other skills on cd.

I did run a elem shaman/sword spec warrior/pally 3s for awhile this season, and me and the shaman did not use such a precise ''burst'' but the general rule was letting me whack on someone for awhile while he spam purge/lb the target and when we drop him below 40%, have him blow his juice on the target (NS/EM super nuke), worked wonders, until our shaman quit the game =(