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11-02-2007, 06:44 AM
Last night I slipped onto the PTR for some dueling fun. After a few duels with a very skilled resto shaman from Tichon, we decided to head into the PTR arena scene in 2s. We only did a few games, but the difference in the patch was very noticable. Here a few things that I noted.

First, as predicted hunters are very strong now. We played three matches vs a hunter and his priest. While we won 2 out of three, all three matches took almost five minutes each. The hunter was pretty much able to work all over that resto shaman. The lack of a deadzone greatly increases a hunters effectiveness. There is no more hug the hunter to win. You basically have to LOS him to be effective.

Secondly sweeping strikes in zerk stance is amazing. With this, I was able to work down the priest, hunter, and his pet all at once. It is very nice not to have to stance dance to use this ability anymore. You can just unload it when everything is in position. Lots of pretty numbers make Kaz very happy!

Lastly, disarm is a pain in the rear. There is no way to avoid disarm anymore. Rogues are in heaven. The problem here is that is you go to disarm a rogue, they dodge it 50% of the time whereas if they disarm you....it's pretty much a sure thing. This gives rogues a great advantage in 1v1 and arena in general. A great rogue could already keep up with a great warrior...now we will have to use more of a kiting strat while disarmed instead of the slug matches we were used to vs them. This is a bit of a pain, but should make things more interesting in the long run.

I did not have a chance to hunt down or face any warlocks last night. I had wanted to test out the MS vs lifedrain. Hopefully I will have more luck over the weekend. This weekend I will also be doing a complete overhaul of my 5s team. We haven't played a game in two weeks, and it is time to find a group of motivated people instead of just friends. Wish me luck!


11-03-2007, 05:07 PM
Out of my personal experience, i still haven't found a rogue that actually disarmed me on the PTR, though it's weird, i kinda enjoy disarming them now xP.

Sweeping Strikes is freaking awesome now, i can't wait to go 35/23/3 as my PvP/Arena Spec. I haven't done too much arena since my trustworthy Paladin hasn't gone to the ptr yet, but i'll guess we'll try out later :P

11-03-2007, 06:46 PM
All sounds to be about as I expected, been busy with progression or I woulda jumped over there myself.

p.s. Tich, not Tichon