View Full Version : [H/WoW-US/Dunemaul] IJ currently recruiting

10-30-2007, 04:00 PM
Impaired Judgment is no longer openly recruiting. Thank you all who applied or shown an interest.

Hello everyone, Impaired Judgment is currently recruiting serious raiders for 25 man content. We typically raid 3-4 nights a week starting at 5:30pm PST during the week and weekends we start at 2:30pm PST. Our guild's current progression so far has been Gruul's Lair and under 1% wipe on Void Reaver (Almost no attempts on Magtheridon due to warlock shortage).

We are looking to round out all of our classes for raiding and prefer applicants to be atleast heroic/kara geared and attuned for kara and heroics to show commitment to raiding. Also once we meet our goals with membership we will like to push Karazhan off our raid schedule and entirely focus on 25 man progression. That's not to say members won't be going to Karazhan on off nights.

If you are interested in joining or want to find more information please visit our website at http://impairedjudgment.us/forum/