View Full Version : On the ball

10-27-2007, 11:02 AM
Our pali was still MIA so we found one that likes to play a lot. After picking up Thelawgiver, we quickly ran up our rating to 2129. We now qualify for gameriot's tourney. I'll be signing us up later today.

There were some interesting teams to fight on the way up. A makeup of two locks and a resto shaman farmed us for about 70 points before we figured them out. Here is the trick to owning that combo. You pick one target. Your mage picks another. He makes that locks life hell. You do the same to yours. Fully sunder him up, pummel or stun every fear so that your pali is good. Also blow deathwish right off the bat. This puts the shaman in a frenzy to catch up on healing his boy. Once you have your 5 sunders, call to your mage to focus. GG first lock..:) After that rinse and repeat on the second one. Once we did this we farmed back almost 90 points off that one very generous team...:)

On a side note, I am really loving sword spec. The sustained damage seems to be lower, but you cannot put a price on that burst. When it procs, it leads to some very easy matches.