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10-04-2007, 02:40 PM
I'm in a leadership position in my guild currently and am having some issues dealing with other classes and personalities.

My original main is/was a hunter and I am still fairly adept at this class and play it often although not as often as my warrior. We currently have one hunter in the guild who is full time active and insists on saving/stockpiling
every piece of nature resistance possible and is pushing 500NR with his aura.
My question is what is the cap on resistances? Does it benefit beyond said cap? and should we cut him off on looting senseless items that we currently need for DE for guild enchants. His dmg is hit or miss depending on a good or bad night for him and is the atypical huntard when it comes to loot whoring, such as rolling on mp5 items as a BM spec.

Second issue. This is somewhat backwards logic maybe, but my DPS is 100% competitive which is good because it keeps them on their toes and mine trying to ensure a decent thresh hold of threat above them. There are some who fall behind in damage, should I be trying to motivate them to be more competitive or just let them be and let their damage remain mediocre?

For the most part we're a solid crew who's still trying to bolster the ranks to a solid twenty five, but eh we're taking our time. I just want to see everyone perform at their best possible without pissing on someones feet.

10-04-2007, 03:21 PM
- On loot hewers
Institute a DKP system. Problem solved.

- On mediocre DPS
Tough call. It's hard to force people to play a certain way. At some point I would think it would feel like '...Why am I even playing? My guild is forcing my spec and rotation. I might as well be a bot.' That would want to make me quit for sure.

IMO, all you can really do is educate. It's up to the horse to drink from that water.

Hope this helps