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10-02-2007, 06:41 AM
Well, I finally got to get back in the arena saddle last night. It was a rough night to say the least. It did seem that the shadow priest/lock combo type teams were toned down a bit. I didn't eat the burst that I normally do from a four dps team. Unfortunately, we only played two teams with that makeup over the night.

We were plagued by dcs, lag, and finally a world server crash. I'm not sure if it was the new voice system Blizz put in, but I know other servers in our battle group were having the same issues. Quite frustrating in all. We managed to hold a 4-6 record playing 3 games 4 on 5. It didn't end up being too bad because the teams we did beat were much higher rated than us. We finished out five points lower than where we started at 2003.

I did learn one important thing. Rogues are becoming just as much threat as druids. We made the mistake one game of trying to focus a shadow priest instead of the rogue. Huge error. That little rogue broke our warlock and then broke our priest in less than 15 seconds on the both of them. It was really quite impressive. We faced them again the next game. This time we returned the favor and broke their rogue. I disarmed him, stunned, feared, war stomped him while working him down. Our lock feared his healers and coiled the rogue. Our mage sheeped, rooted him, and stole his freedom. He lasted about 20 seconds, and did about 3k worth of damage. We ended up farming that team for about 50 points. It really is amazing how just one switch in tactics can sway a game that much.

Oddly enough, contrary to the current trend, I did not take much focus fire from the 4 dps teams we faced. They were far more focused on either our warlock or priest. I'd be happy if it stays that way, but I doubt it will. In all it ended up being a decent night minus the dcs and server issues. We learned a few new strats, and we are starting to come together is a team. In all not too bad for a bunch of guys that formed up about a month ago. Once we gel completely, the sky is the limit.


10-02-2007, 02:39 PM
in my 3s we always go for the rogue first because of their ability to shut down our healers =T mindnumbing + stuns = gg healers.

10-03-2007, 01:42 AM
Having the same problems on BB last night, couldn't do arena until 3 AM server time with my guildie. In 2v2 we did pretty average (Combat Rogue/Fury Warrior definitively doesn't work lol) and in 3v3 (Pally/UA Lock/Fury Warrior) we did pretty good, the best thing i could think of is beating a 3 "dps" team (MS/Frost Mage/Elem. Shammy). Best pummels i've ever put in my life...

At least in BB we're still having some serious lag issues... but i'm respec'ing back to 33/28 (maybe 35/23/3) this week, need some serious points now

10-03-2007, 06:26 AM
Things seemed a bit better last night. I didn't get to do any arena, but we cleared SSC through Fathomlord. Initially there were lag spikes, but those disappeared as the night progressed.

Keep me updated on how you do as fury in arena. Next season I'm taking one of my warriors and specing fury to see how well I can do. It's definitely the hard way to do things, but I like a challenge..:)

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