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09-13-2007, 06:17 AM
Hi all,

I'm in trouble due to this EJ article : [Warriors] Shield block rating - Elitist Jerks (http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t12576-warriors_shield_block_rating/)

According to this post it is currently possible to be passively immune to crushs. I don't want to discuss about the efficiency of this stuff, but before WoTLK we'll have Sunwell Plateau and after that a gap with the lvl80 WoLTK stuff.

So at this point (lvl 80) what interest will we find if we're passively crush immune?

Imo if nothing change in the itemization (and according to the changing WoW -> TBC) it will be possible. So what will Blizzard do?

Diminushing bonuses : I don't think, most T6 and SWP stuff (T7?) will be used.
Adding a new ability to mobs : crush is yet a mob ability, and it will be very disturbing (particularly for the current combat table).
Upping mobs to level 85-86 : It might be a solution.

I'd like your opinion on this point.

Side note : I'm sorry if there are typo or grammar errors, feel free to point them.

09-13-2007, 06:56 AM

One thing that plays a large part in seperating good tanks from bad is the ability to both mitigate damage and generate threat concurrently through usage of skills. Knowing how to adapt your skill rotation to each encounter and max threat while maintaining near perfect crush immunity via SB is when seperates the men from the boys, IMO. Ther idea that the better gear you get, the less issue this becomes is somewhat disconcerting. Shoves us back into spamming a few keys and away from thoughtfully managing a battle.

09-13-2007, 08:30 AM
If I remeber right I remember reading an blurb from Blizzcon stating that they where going to revamp the tanking mechanics, specifically crushing blows.

I believe this is mainly due to them introducitng a new tanking class, the death knight, and to help even the tanking field to help out paladins.

Now they did not go into detail about what was being done, just that they are looking into it. So who knows what will happen soon.

My opinion on the matter is that in whatever they do it mostly going to be focused around the death knight, so I am considering rolling a death knight just becuase he will be OP in the tank genere for a good while

09-13-2007, 09:49 AM
A warrior who stacks enough def/dodge/parry/block to be crush immune without shield block, basically turns themself into a pally tank. Low hitpoints, but never crushed. This is not as good as what a warrior is normally, which is high hp, and very rarely crushed.

Also, a warrior who itemizes like that will have a hard time getting enough rage. They'll be able to use their GCD aiblities, but probably not heroic strike. With the dps that their guild will put otu they probably wont hold aggro.

It would probably be good for offtanks, but not maintanks, imo.

09-13-2007, 06:13 PM
My rage sim (flawed as it is) shows that too much avoidance is definitely a bad thing for threat generation.

50 - 713,681,693: 695
60 - 622,693,649: 654 (-41)
70 - 664,593,651: 636 (-59)
80 - 529,559,587: 558 (-137)

At 80% avoidance, my simulator shows a 137 threat per second reduction as compared to 50%, when averaging three consecutive runs with all other stats being equal, against a boss that deals 13000 damage on a 2.0 swing.

*caveats: rage sim assumes impossibly capable healing, doesn't factor blocks properly (just counts avoids as avoids, ignores crushes all together), and has other problems. But all things being equal, it clearly shows that less incoming damage has a serious numerical impact on threat generation. http://www.ro-guild.com/thug/rage.php