View Full Version : Purpose & Guidelines of Guild Recruitment Forums

09-10-2007, 10:38 PM
This forum is set up for the purpose of allowing a communication between guilds seeking new players and players seeking new guilds. The idea is that we now have a large enough spectrum of players to support active guild searching for our membership. It is suggested you use this in addition to the WoW-US Guild Recruitment forums or personal guild webpage searches.

The One Month Rule
All donors and contributors to the site are welcome to use this forum with one rule: Do not create a new recruitment thread until your last recruitment post has expired. This will occur one month after the last post in the thread.

Keep in mind that threads in this forum are dated for when they were created, not when the most recent post was made. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged that you do not "bump" your post, as the post won't actually bump, and you'll delay the creation of a new thread. (If you make a mistake and catch it quickly, use the "Report Post" function and we'll delete the last post for you!)

If you are representing a guild, let people know who and how many you are seeking. Give out the guild and server, designate whether you are WoW-US or WoW-EU Alliance or Horde in the title. Also be clear on the role of your guild (raiding, heavy raiding, casual, etc).

For example:
[H] PVP-US Dirty Doorknobs Seek Casual Raiding Healers
That may be too long, but you get the idea.

If you are seeking guild membership, let people know your class and role. Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin, Shadow Priest, etc.

Limit the scope of your information to what you are comfortable with. You are expected to be upfront in private conversation about all of your background, etc., as requested by a prospective guild -- but it's certainly not necessary on the public forums.

If you are posting here it is assumed you are willing to transfer. If you are looking for a guild on your server, it's a virtual guarantee you are more likely to find what you are looking for on your realm forums.

Feel free to use Private Message system here if you wish to keep your identity confidential.

Do Not
Do not use this forum to announce the creation of a new guild or recruit for one; it is for established guilds only.

Do not court people outside of these forums for any reason; this is not a recruitment website.

Do not leave dead or dated posts -- always edit them to clarify whether you have found a guild, or whether your guild has found the members it needs.

Do not bump more than is reasonable. Depending on activity, a reasonable amount of time may be 3-5 days; if the forum activity is brisk at any point in the future, no more often than 1 day would be appropriate.