View Full Version : Group Composition: Make an Outline (Blog Copy)

08-27-2007, 10:33 AM
If there's one thing that I've learned the hard way (and continue to have to relearn) is that it's important for people to understand the guidelines you use to make up the group composition.

When making a group composition:

1. Be specific when you can

2. Always leave yourself some flexibility

3. Explain how you will utilize all spots

1 Main Tank (Prot Warrior)
1 Hateful Bolt Soaker / Tank for Lock adds (Prot Warrior, Feral Druid)
1 Tank for Lock adds (Prot Warrior, Feral Druid)
1 Tank for Priest (Any Warrior, Druid and even a high health Shadow Priest or Warlock)
1 Rogue to Interrupt Priest's Heals
2 Hunters to Tank Shaman
1 Mage to Tank Mage
2 Warlocks to Enslave
7 Healers

- No more than 6 Melee
- No more than 8 Healers

This results in (17/25):
9 Poor DPS (healer + 2 tanks)
5 Ranged DPS (hunters, warlocks, mage)
3 Melee DPS

Remaining Requirements (17+7/25):
7 Range DPS

Flex Spots (1):
1 DPS of any kind or addition Healer

The flex spot and 2nd warlock tank are the last two spots to fill in the raid.

Situation 1: Weak DPS
- Feral Druid + DPS

Situation 2: Average DPS
- Prot Warrior + DPS
- Feral Druid + Healer

Situation 3: Strong DPS
- Prot Warrior + Healer

Keep in mind that the above is simply one possible way of making a raid for Gruul's Lair and is definitely not the only way. It's important that the group composition you outline reflects the strategy your raid uses. It's important also to always note that these requirements can and will change as the raid gains a better understanding of the instance as well as acquires stronger gear.

Give it a try for your guild!