View Full Version : 17/44 Fury Raid DPS too low?

09-08-2007, 04:11 PM
I'm from an european-german Realm "Die Nachtwache", and started raiding a few months ago.
Always looking for an increase in DPS or performance in general, i stumbled onto this forum.
My question for you seasoned Raid DD's is, wether my DPS is too low for my Equipment and if so, what can I change to get it up.

During SSC Bosses and Trash Mobs i usually have a sustained DPS of around 750-800 depending on the Encounter.
We have no Deep MS Spec warriors and usually no Curse of Recklessness debuff on mobs.

I'm standing on 1300 AP / 30.70% Crit / 229 Hit Rating.
Armory-Link for more info on my equipment/spec in my sig.

Currently i'm trying to improve my AP by either trading it with a bit of hit rating and crit. But I'm not sure if my relatively low AP is the sole reason for my low DPS. (I'm comparing myself to our rogues and our other DPS Fury, they are sitting on an average 1000-1100 DPS. The other fury warrior is better equipped, but in my opinion not enough to justify a difference of 250 dps.)

During combat i keep BT and WW on cd and use the gcd's during the downtime of the skills to refresh BS and Rampage. I'm usually not wasting unused rage unless i'm threat-capped.

Thanks for reading this.

09-08-2007, 04:18 PM
honestly yes it is the 1300 ap lose some hit first before the crit for AP stop gemming for crit as well and use str gems

09-08-2007, 05:37 PM
1 strength = 2 ap

When you get a nice kings buff you get 10% more strength = 10% more ap, kings doesn't buff ap.

I was going to stack ap at one point when I was fury/prot, but someone pointed out the kings buff and I go with strength gems and enchants instead.