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09-07-2007, 02:51 PM
My guild is presently struggling to get enough attendees to do 25-man content. In three weeks of trying to do Gruul's we'll fall as much as 8 people short of a raid.

We continue to recruit people into our guild to try and shore up our roster, but its difficult to recruit lots of quality players quickly. I have been considering an alternate approach: creating an open-signup raid, which is advertised on the realm forums as well as by word of mouth. I think there is an excess of level 70s with skill and gear who are stuck in KZ guilds with no 25-man component, so this would be targeting them. Unlike our current recruiting process, this would allow us to crew a Gruul's Lair group without concern for guild affiliation.

My motivation to do this is mainly to get myself and the more raid-oriented players in my guild raiding quickly, and off to a good start. I would also do this because open signups would pressure everyone, including guildies, to perform well in the face of external competition.

First off, how good or bad of an idea is this? Second, does anyone have any tips or suggestions (or even examples) of how to go about doing this the right way?

A likely plan will include a public forum thread on our guild's forums which serve as a signup page, as well as a roster and a guide to how we plan to tackle each encounter. I would like to advertise each run on the realm forums as well as in game and publish a roster several days in advance of the actual run. I would be clear that its an open roster, and that we're slotting for success based on how well people have performed in the past. Loot would be /roll 100 based on need before greed. (What we use anyway)

I admit that the core of this idea comes from Ciderhelm's Molten Crew story (I hope I remember that right). We need to get more bodies to raid, but I would love to do so in a way that promotes performance instead of entitlement; "We're guildies so we get priority on slots and can slack off" is what I'm afraid of, so raiding this way may ensure the best progression.

09-07-2007, 03:04 PM
We are in a similar situation, so I PM'd a GM of a small KZ guild. They agreed to bring in 3-5 guys to our next raid, which will alleviate a lot of our problems. You guys might want to try the same.

09-07-2007, 03:56 PM
There's often some resentment when random folks brought in just because you need some more bodies walk away with shiny epixx that your guild can use. Conversely, the random folks may not be happy with maintank priority or any other sort of guild loot distribtion system.

My guild (big enough for a primary Kara team, and a secondary with some alts, but not for Gruul) partners with another guild of a similar size. Each week we alternate "hosting;" one week, one guild fills out the roster with as many folks as are ready to go, and then finishes by drawing what they need from the other guild. The next week the situation reverses itself. It seems to work very well. Our loot system is "roll if you need it and don't be a dick" and that is comfortable for both guilds, and since we regularly run together, we know that whoever wins the [Phat Blade of Epic Leetness] will be improving all of our odds in the future.

I'd recommend doing something like this. Randomly finding quality people who are committed to the success of the raid instead of just individual advancement is hard.

09-10-2007, 11:59 PM
With 10 man content being so accesible, this is a growing problem, and you will find it more and more difficult for any guild trying to break into 25 man's, as people will either be beyond, or below you gear wise, or in a guild that is already having the exact same problem as you. In alot of these situation's it is beneficial to all involved to seek out a possible merger or raid alliance.

09-11-2007, 08:12 AM
Back in pre TBC WoW, I co-led a public raiding group on the Runetotem server. It started with a couple guilds that couldn't quite make a ZG roster and turned into a server wide affair. Took about four months to go from wiping on Jelik to Vael down before everyone stopped raiding and TBC came out...we were something like the #8 "guild" on the server at the end.

A public raid like this is very doable, the real key is getting buy-in that this isn't a one time deal and that there is incentive to wipe on Gruul and learn the fight. Partnering with another Kara guild is a smart way to go about it, but friends from other random guilds can be useful. Make sure they know you're going back in the next week and you'd love to have them. We started ours through a little /2 and /4 spam, but after about two weeks word of mouth got out and we had to beat people off with a stick.

Make loot rules clear ahead of time. Whether it's random /roll, hosting guild gets 2/3rds of the drops, pickups get 1/3rd, or whatever, ensure that people know about it ahead of time. Nothing is going to kill momentum faster than taking out HKM and then three people hearthing after they couldn't get Maulgar's War Helm or something.

Lastly, try to keep the key jobs in house if at all possible. MT, OT, mage tank, main warlock on the adds, MT / mage healers, etc. If you have these positions down cold, working new people into the other roles is a lot easier.