View Full Version : The Other Eventides (google)

06-05-2007, 12:55 AM
Did a quick search. Ouch.

eventide.com -- awful design, awful website, definitely among the worst merchant sites. Sadly, it's better than many of the sites I'm about to list, and they have a good sense of humor.

eventide.org - senior living community. I can live with this. Seems like a nice place.

eventide.net - MMO that didn't make it despite being free. Big ouch.

eventidemotel.com - Not only awful, but they renamed it to Even'tide. Given that eventide is an actual english word, this is similar to changing afternoon to after'noon.

even-tide.net - Here's a fun one. "Web site of the Reading, UK based alternative rock band Even Tide (sometimes incorrectly referred to as eventide)" And their site is down, too.

eventideweb.com - Melodic death metal band. lol. Nice website though.

eventidemusic.com - lolololol.

eventidearabians.com - Definitely logical to mix old english and arabic. About as good a mix as their Asir-style horses (http://www.eventidearabians.com/emir%27s.htm).