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09-04-2007, 04:09 PM
As mentioned in the topic I'm having major trouble to actually get myself atop some lists: on many bosses i can get some decent damage done and specifically thrash where i can literally blow all my rage away without bothering too much about a fuckup (Which almost never occurs)

So. About the 100 hit rating. if i carry about 120 hit rating on to a boss for SSC or whichever. I'll miss a ton? Or is it (still?) so that if you critical strike you cannot miss? I just don't know what i'm doing wrong. Asked many of my guild's dps warriors but they can't elaborate nor get it either. i'm usually in an either shaman rogue group. or some halfassed feraltankhealer group where i profit from the 5 crit.

Also: Is it recommended i'd go for T5 with options open? It's a helluvalot better than what i currently have. But by standards i don't think it's all too good. is my vision clouded or am i correct?

As for the last. Is it a personal choice to go stepwise in Offhand rage? I havn't really noticed the huge DPS differences. perhaps that's because i probably socket incorrect or is it so?

Thanks in advance.

EU Fury Warrior

Profile Linkage.

EDIT: Profile Isn't updating accurately. Hopefully will in a while with Offhand on Malchazeen et cetera. Keep an eye out.

EDIT 2: Are there any recommended DPS macro's? I've tried loops (castsequences) But those are way too much bashy bashy. If i keep an eye out for whirlwind's cooldown, bt's cooldown. Tickoff of Battle Shout and tickoff of rampage, THAT coupled with progessing on bosses it's usually some DPS loss there. Should somewhat be fixed with macro's. or do i really have to pay more attention than i already do?

Again, thanks in Advance.

09-04-2007, 06:01 PM
your spec and gear looks fine

check Meeks sticky here on Fury DPS - it deals with + hit as well as basic rotations.
basically keep up BT and WW every cooldown and, threat concerns aside use heroic strike as your rage dump and refresh your shouts etc between cooldowns of BT and WW.
I use a macro to keep up battle shout and AP/rage boosts - its in the sticky

T5 is great ;)

09-05-2007, 12:37 PM
Calor two things that will add a bit of dps for ya. First, put Mongoose on your mainhand. It like tf will proc more in the mainhand then the offhand. Also instead of stacking ap gems stack strength gems. Strength gets a bonus from blessing of kings, ap gems don't get the same bonus. Other than that Mozman is right on the money.


09-05-2007, 02:37 PM
1 minor adjustment I would make if you are not having rage issues is switch the 5 points from UW to Booming voice. As DW fury I have nearly identical stats and do not suffer rage issues but having a 3 minute BS makes it a lot easier to keep up with your other CD's .

I would also look into possibly switching some hit for str/AP. For instance on my vengeance wrap i placed the 20 AP gem in it for a crap ton of AP.

09-14-2007, 04:35 PM
Mkay.. But then the question rings. The gear i have at this moment isn't all that well qualifying in hit. I've heard ideals are 2000 AP 200 hit 30 crit. I'm not near the crit nor the AP. and my hit is low if i go for more AP. Basically I'm getting my ass kicked by rogues and many others and usually end up on 12th (second last to last) on DPS lists. I'm just eager to find out what is it that bugs my DPS that much.

For instance, AP>CRIT>HIT? I've always had a wrong thought about crit, If i hit everything in the end i'll crit. But since that was pointed out wrong in the fury guide. I really dunno anymore. If you're ready to help me out. Please do. Gearsuggestions, gearbuildups. anything'll do since my classleader is considering to turn me Tank, thinking it's not the geardifference or how i geared my toon >< Respectable man but i'd rather DPS, already tanked for 2 years in a row.

Thanks in advance and i'm glad to see any responses.


09-17-2007, 07:15 PM
Ok Eu armory back online and the only thing I see is that you seriously need to upgrade your Chest and Belt compared to the rest of the gear.

Save your points to S2 Chest. And A'dal isn't showing any enchant at all :(.

If you feel you are threat capped put Sublety on your cloak (-2&#37; threat) else put agi.

T4 dps helmet isn't really all that good if it didn't have the meta slot, your guild kill voidreaver? Take the dps helmet he drops, unless you seriously are having rage problems the set bonus on t4 is crap.

I see you are BS, is there a reason you are not Hammersmith and have at the very least t2 of the 1h Mace?

Oh and rule #1 on warrior gear gemming, never put an AP gem in any slot unless it is superior to any str gem you have access to.

Are you getting WF when ever you are with the Shaman? Your gear is good and it seems that your other dps is outplaying you.
This means you have go back to basics and really analyze your playstyle, focus, and see where you can improve.
/Combatlog all your dps fights and analize them with WWS, also use parsing addons to see what you are doing.

09-18-2007, 03:35 AM
What kind of dps do you sustain on lvl 68 mobs on auto-attack with no BS, with BS, with BS+Rampage. Then test that with BT and then with BT+WW.

Better yet get a tank friend and go find some Elite that survives for about 30 seconds of straight dps :).

Oh and note your dps with flurry up and down.

Yes this is time consuming but if you don't want to become a tank again you need to totally reavaluate yourself and bring yourself upto par with the raids dps.