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09-04-2007, 04:01 PM
We're starting to pull together a cohesive collection of movies in our directory and at our Stage6 channel. Though this is by no means complete, it's certainly a good start to a great project:

TankSpot Movies Directory

Alternatively, just use the Movies link on the new banner.

We Need You!
TankSpot needs your movies. It doesn't need to be encounter-related. In fact, it doesn't really matter if they are Warrior related at all. We just want stuff to watch. :D

This site relies on it's users to submit work. Our strength in providing movies is solely a result of those movies we can find or that our members decide to author. Only recently has our collection here come together for The Burning Crusade, thanks to Firstblood of Premonition.

The ideal for us would be to provide multiple movies on as many individual encounters as possible, from different perspectives, and to some degree, using different strategies. We want both the How-To movies such as the wonderful series Stego put together, as well as the ones that leave our viewers in awe, such as Firstblood's Illidan movie.

Did You Know...
Most people aren't noticing this and you may not have, either. Look at the banner for a bit. Not as still as you may have thought, is it?