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09-02-2007, 11:05 PM
Everyone keeps telling me I should have imp execute over imp Intercept. I don't understand execute spam, I do poor damage with it unless I have an abundance of rage, I fell if I have an abundance of rage I've probably not dumped it right somewhere.

Is the tooltip correct? If 11 rage imp'd directly translates to 925 +11*21(1156) damage it seems so very crappy. I think I could do better with a slam or anything else. It seems that your weapon is completely ignored from the tip, is that wrong? If it's not it seems to me that execute gets worse the better your weapon and gear(there would be more dmg per rage from something else than a set amount of dmg/rage) I'm really new to war so any enlightenment on Execute would be appreciated.

09-02-2007, 11:39 PM
yes you do as much damage when executing with the green sword of dagginess as you do with Illidan's ball breaker..

the reason imp execute (or execute) is better is you get more bang for your rage buck simply using it whenever its up (10 rage) than waiting till you have a full rage bar and executing - yes the latter will give you a big figure but not nearly as much as the former will using 10 x executes..

imp execute comes into its own when using it with recklessness - I will do almost as much damage using rexecute and executing the last 19% of the boss as I do for 80% using bloodthirst.. If I'm dead, the boss is near 20% and an enrage timer is in play, I will get a res before anyone else ;)

When I was 33/28 arms/bloodfrenzy I would swap to DW when executing to feed the rage needed. With at least a fast offhand you can pretty much execute every global cooldown

edit: I have reasonably good DPS gear and execute is well ahead on the damage output - its true at some stage with +++AP your BT would do more damage and with leet weapons at some stage they will do more damage per rage and time than imp execute rank 7 - point is we're not there yet :)

09-03-2007, 12:15 AM
I don't see how recklessness matters, doesn't a static crit increase, unless it's ppm, not make a difference between exe and other forms of dps? The way it looks shittier gear is better for exe spam than better. I don't know how high I could go w/ imp slam but sooner or later with better gear would a regular slam, ww/ms rotation not beat exe spam?

09-03-2007, 12:37 AM
recklessness matters only 'cos execute is the best ability to use it with. I also pop deathwish with it :eek:

yes sooner or later with better gear, assuming the rank of execute didn't also go up, using abilities that are dependant on gear and weps will deliver more - again, we're not there yet, not even close as far as I can see.

that said better gear and weps does allow you to spam it every GCD...

09-03-2007, 12:58 AM
Swiftsteel Bludgeon X2 = 10+Rage executes every 1.5seconds for 1100+ damage.
You swap into these weapons at 19%
Since you'd be attacking faster than the GCD you could execute on every single one.

Slam = .5sec cast, 1sec GCD, no rage from auto swing (Due to it resetting your swing timer)

The point where using regular abilities out-damages DW'ing weapons that allow you to execute on every single global cooldown currently is not obtainable.

09-03-2007, 06:14 AM

09-03-2007, 07:52 AM
Imp Execute: Makes execute only cost 10 Rage. So, when a mob/boss is at 19% HP, put on the two 1 handed weapons and spam Execute every time the global cooldown is gone (GCD = 1 sec). Sure you will see bigger numbers with a 2H weapon and a full rage bar, but if you do the math with 100 rage...

100R Execute = 925 + 90(21) = 2815

Now with 10 rage...

10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925

So the 100R Execute does a big number. But with 10 executes with 10 rage a piece you get 925(10) = 9,250.

So you could dump all that rage on one big Execute and hope it crits (melee crits = double damage) for 5630ish, or you could do it the smart safer way and deal twice that amount in 10 attacks with out having to rely on crits. Lets do some more math here. Alchamire is specced for 2H weapon spec so he does 5% more damage with a 2H weapon right? So...

925 X 5% = 971 (rounded down). 971(10) = 9,712. Not that big of a boost right? We could through in Deathwish and add that 20% more damage in also, but heres another idea. Sure you don't get that extra 5% damage from the 2H weapon spec in by Dual Wielding (DW), but if you throw on my two one handed weapons the off hand alone will generate enough rage while Execute is on GCD (Global Cool Down) for that 1 second that you will be able to use Execute again as soon as its up. With the 2H weapon on you will have to wait 2.7 (weapon speed for normal white damage attack) seconds to get enough rage to Execute again. Time for more math with Dual Wielding.

10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925 or 1850 Crit.
With Deathwish active (+20% more damage) 10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925 + 20% = 1110 or 2220

2220(10) = 22,220 of course thats if all 10 of those hits were crits. Oh wait! They all CAN be CRITS! RECKLESSNESS FTW!!!

Oh! And I forgot! What about the Blood Frenzy debuff that your cause when you Crit and Deep Wounds proc???
2220 + 4% = 2308(10) = 23,088... Thats alot of damage that can be done in those 10-20 seconds.

Pop Deathwish then a couple secs later Recklessness, and BAM! Execute Spam! So you have now effectively turned 100 rage into 23,088 damage, instead of just using all 100 of it at once for a measly 2815 - 5630 damage

09-03-2007, 08:24 AM
Warrior GCD is 1.5. Putting on 1h' means that you were using a 2h from 100-19% and thus you will be missing alot of your attacks due to a lack of +hit gear. You are not accounting Impale in your math if you do crit. Not sure where "relentless assault" comes in? As in the flask that gives 120ap or do you mean Recklessness?
I dont think anyone will argue with you that spaming exectues will yield higher DPS then waiting to fill up your rage bar till you can hit the next execute. But i think your math is slightly off and if you are spaming execute you have to keep in mind that sometimes it will go over 10 rage between exectues yielding even higher hits. and other times, you can miss 2-3 times in a row (which you will using 1h's) and not have enough rage to land the next execute.

09-03-2007, 08:53 AM
This is what I get for doing math when tired. :P. I wise man never told me to do math aloud lol. And yes, I meat Recklessness and thank you for correcting me Fame. At the moment I do not have access to a computer with WoW or else I would double check my math and references.

You are very right about the +hit going from a 2H to DW. However if the other readers are 17/44/0 spec and have the +hit to DW than that part will simply not apply to them and they are possibly better suited for execute spam than I would be in my current spec. I will double check the math and factor in the Impale as well. Thanks again.

09-03-2007, 09:02 AM
anytime bud, i know the kind of random stuff i write up sometimes when im running on 4 hours of sleep.

09-03-2007, 10:15 AM
Keep in mind the order that the added bonuses effect the outcome of the damage. Its applied in this order Deathwish < Impale < Blood Frenzy. Deathwish effects every attack of yours by adding 20&#37; of your damage to it. So its added into the equation first. Impale only effecting only crits, is applied second. Blood Frenzy being a debuff and available to every body's use and being more "global" so to speak, is applied last. If you were to apply the 5% extra damage factor in from 2H spec, the damage would be applied first, but I did not include it in this formula because its not practical to be able to spam Execute every 1.5 seconds after the Global Cool Down is gone with a 2H weapon due to lack of rage. I also did not factor in Enrage because it does not stack with Deathwish and hopefully you would not be getting Crit while in the midst of a boss fight, if you are than that means that you are not watching your threat. However, if you wanted to use it in this formula it would take the place of Deathwish.

10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925 (or 1850 Crit with no additional factor)
10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925
Crit = 1850
Crit with Deathwish = 2220
Crit with Impale = 2220

A Crit/Recklessness with Deathwish, Impale, and Blood Frenzy.

10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925 (or 1850 Crit with no additional factor)
Deathwish = 925 + 20% = 1110
Crit/Recklessness = 1110(2) = 2220
Impale = 2220 + 20% = 2664
Blood Frenzy = 2664 + 4% = 2770

Thus with Recklessness 10R(2770) = 27,700. For 15 seconds thats a surge of 1846 DPS. And that will likely result in pulling threat and getting one shotted :P. Enjoy



Same formula as above but with 5 points in Imp Berserker Stance (10% more damage in zerker stance) and assuming someone else provides the Blood Frenzy

A Crit/Recklessness with Deathwish, Impale, and Blood Frenzy.

10R Execute = 925 + 0(21) = 925 (or 1850 Crit with no additional factor)
Berserker Stance = 1017
Deathwish = 1017 + 20% = 1221
Crit/Recklessness = 1221(2) = 2442
Impale = 2442 + 20% = 2930
Blood Frenzy = 2930 + 4% = 3047

100R = 3047(10) = 30,470

Without Blood Frenzy 100R = 2930(10) = 29,300

This may or may not be hinting at DW Fury as the better Execute Spam spec.

09-08-2007, 03:50 PM
Improved 'zerker is +10&#37; AP, not +10% damage, so it has no impact on execute damage beyond providing better rage generation through higher white damage.

-edit: The fact that fury will have more hit than arms, and possibly more points in flurry, means that even with improved 'zerker only affecting AP fury will likely pull slightly ahead of arms in the 19-0 range with the same DW weapons equipped. This doesn't take into account the higher crit rate that an MS warrior can have due to not needing to stack on hit.

09-08-2007, 05:53 PM
when I was MS arms blood frenzy spec I'd still swap out to dual wield the execute spam - sure I'd miss more on the rage building white swings but not on the actual execute as I had 9&#37; + hit, and IMO I'd do overall much higher damage..