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Same idea here as the ssc guide but for TKE!

Void Reaver A.K.A Loot Reaver

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High Astromancer Solarian

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Kael'thas Sunstrider

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Pheonix Hall
As you zone into tempest keep there will be a pack right in the begining with 6 mobs it may look overwhelming but it is not. 4 out of the 6 can be CC'd, with sheeps, fears, and saps.

Apprentice Star Scryer (CC'able)
Melees for 3-4k, Has a large aoe starshards ability which ticks for about 1k
Bloodwarder Legionnaire (CC'able)
This mob has a Whirlwind and Cleave but a tank can easily take the hits, Rogues you have been warned.
Astromancer (CC'able)
Has a 3k AOE fireball
Star Scryer (CC'able)
Mind controls a random player, can not be dispelled, has a 2k AOE Starfire
Bloodwarder Vindicator
Cleanses crowd control, has a heal as well but it is small just ignore it.

There are three pulls like this depending on your raid make up the best thing to do is sheep the casters first, melee secondary. Kill Legionnaires first followed by the vidicator since your space is limited. Then just assist kill the rest there is no real order needed after the vidicators and legionnaires are dead.


There is one pack that patrols the phoenix hall, it consist of 1 Bloodwarder Marshal and 2 Bloodwarder Squires. The whole pat is immune to CC.

Bloodwarder Marshal
Has a Whirlwind ability that hits hard melee be careful.
Bloodwarder Squire

Kill the Squires first because these guys actually have a significant heal, once dead move to the marshall.


Tempest Falconer
Has a fire shield buff that will hit anyone in melee range for 550 a tick. These mobs can NOT be Crowd Controlled, and must be tanked.
Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling
These can be CC'd, they come in backs of 5-7 and are very annoying. They have an AOE knockback as well as an AOE silence.

There is no really strategy here CC as best possible and kill stuff.


Phoenix-Hawks are solo pullable on the second level of Al'ar's room. They have a charge ability that will hit the person furthest back from it for around 9000 dmg and knock away those around, so have an OT stand at medium range to soak the charges while everybody else stays in melee range of the mob. They will also use a periodic mana burn on everyone which cannot be avoided, but it can be fully resisted. Generally, however, you'll want to kill them before everybody is out of mana.
Secondary tactic
You pull one into a corner and have everyone stand on that spot. This reduces the chances for knocksback drastically. And of couse some people won't be able to this correct the first time, but make sure everyone has their back to the wall.

Void Reaver Wing

Crystalcore Devastator
550,000 Health
Melee Knockback (melee classes never stand between Devastator and adds groups). For this tanks also stand with their back to the wall.
Has a special Counter-charge ability
Counters melee attacks for 2000 arcane damage
Can counter ranged attacks with a silence
Can be spell reflected by a tank for upwards of ~13,000 damage.

Crystalcore Sentinel
They have around 300k HP.
They have an arcane explosion ability with a radius around 20 ft that hits for 5k. Has a long cast bar, so melee can run out
Have a melee charge that can be spell reflected ("Overload"), which can hit for up to ~10K. (Spell Reflection works to counter this)

Crystalcore Mechanics (CC'able)
About 180k hp.
Throws aoe sawblades with a fairly long range - adds a dot. This damage is affected by the target's armor value. Sawblades are NOT frontal, they will fly 360 degrees no matter which way they are facing.
The Sawblades are a cone-shaped AoE attack. It is therefore very important to spread out around the Mechanic so that only a small part of the raid is hit by them. Can heal Crystalcore Devastator for roughly 10000 Life/Second with a very long range. Can be banished by warlocks. (Banish often breaks early, be ready to re-banish) Immune to Enslave

Tempest Smiths (CC'able)
Can buff all Crystalcore NPCs which increases their damage to an unreasonable amount.
Throws a bomb that stuns all targets for 3 seconds.
Throws fragmentation bomb (reduced armor by 5000).

Void Reavers Room

The pat consists of

2 Tempest Smiths (CC'able)
1 Crytalcore Devastator

The rest of the groups are either:

1 Tempest Smith
2 Crystalcore Sentinels
2 Crystalcore Mechanics


1 Tempest Smith
1 Crystalcore Devastator
2 Crystalcore Mechanics

High Astromancer's Wing

The patrol
Astromancer Lord
Bloodwarder Legionnaire (cc)
Novice Astromancer

Nothing really special about this pull, the legionnaire whirlwinds so just cc him.

AoE Packs
10 "novice" mobs
2 Bloodwarder Squire

There are several packs like this one in Solarians room and one in the hall. Tank the squires and AoE down the rest it is fairly simple.

Hallway pack
2 Crystalcore Sentinels

These are exactly the same as in Void Reavers wing.

Patrols in Solarians room
1 Nether Scryer
2 Bloodwarder Legionnaire (cc)

Sheep both legionnaires and kill the scryer, make sure to have an OT on her she does MC.

Kael'thas Hall
This is quite possible the most annoying trash in the world outside of c'thun trash.

The good news here is most of the trash is CCable, so if you have 4 mages you should be in great shape. If you dont have 4 mages, the mobs are fearable as well so fear what you dont sheep.

1 Bloodwarder Inquisitor
2 Bloodwarder Legionnaire
The inquisitor has a mindflay that ticks for about 1600-2k and power infusion nothing really spectacular just cc his friends and kill him.

6-man packs
2 Bloodwarder Legionnaire (same abilities as above)
2 Bloodwarder Vindicator (same abilities as above)
2 Battle Mages
These battle mages need to be range tanked, kited, chain feared until the patch. They have a frost dmg proc for about 20k+ dmg. They also have an ass load of other small spells that dont really hurt to bad.

Groups in Kaels room

Crimson Hand Inquisitor - Casts mindflay, can be disarmed/cc, has Power Infusion (needs to be dispelled/spellstolen)
Crimson Hand Centurion - Whirls and shoots arcane bolts, cc works
Crimson Hand Marshal - Whirls, cc doesnt work on him
Crimson Hand Blood knight - Stuns(Hammer of justice), dispels sheeps, cc works (immune to sheep)

Mob info from wowwiki.com modified as I saw fit ><

11-12-2007, 11:43 AM
I want to finish out this thread here shortly something I just have not had time for recently but I need someones help. I have not done solarian since they changed her, I spend most of my time clearing hyjal and Black temple so if someone would like to say write up strat i will post it.

12-26-2007, 09:43 AM
noob-tastic question here: al'ar's trash - if we pull al'ar and some has respawned (ie - we are working on getting VR on farm but at some point will back track to al'ar), will they zerg us? instinct says yes, since thats how every fight in BC works currently - but i have to ask ;)

12-26-2007, 09:46 AM
noob-tastic question here: al'ar's trash - if we pull al'ar and some has respawned (ie - we are working on getting VR on farm but at some point will back track to al'ar), will they zerg us? instinct says yes, since thats how every fight in BC works currently - but i have to ask ;)

Well most likely yes, however even if they don't you need the whole room for the second phase. So it needs to be clear reguardless.

I will post up the full strat for this fight later today for you, so you can see how the fight works and understand why you need the room clear.

12-26-2007, 10:00 AM
i actually meant the patrols in the hall leading to al'ar's room. i understand the basic fight and why we need the room, just didnt know if we needed to re-clear all the trash or not (adding another 30+ minutes to the night)

and thanks for the guides =) your trash guide served us well when learning =)

12-26-2007, 10:02 AM
Oh the patrols in the room will not agro you, unless they pat all the way into Al'ar's room and I don't believe they do.