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08-22-2007, 06:52 AM
I'd like to request a guide, or see if anyone knows of a satisfactory guide that exists that suits my purposes.

My little guild is to a point where we can do flawless Kara runs, if we only do one raid. And two weeks ago, we actually managed to do two Kara runs, and get both of them to the Prince (both had bad luck with the Prince, but they both got there).

This week, we barely squeezed out one Karazhan run.

I'd say if we're ever going to need me to equip all the nice frost resist gear I'm putting all my time in to right now, we need to staff up.

We don't want a sudden influx of 14 year olds, or lewt whores, or jerks. We're very proud of the fact that we're a low pressure, high skill, laid back group of people mostly with day jobs who don't scream racist obscenities in vent or whine about how they got no lewtce and noone helps them in Sunken Temple. In fact, we seem to have trouble giving members drops, as we all seem to think someone else should have it. But enough self back patting.

When we were a 20 man guild doing ZG looking forward to AQ20, we were happy; we didn't worry too much about the 40 man content. Now that we're a Karazhan guild, we all agree we'd like to be in Gruul/Mag/SSC over the next few months; but if we can't get two KZ runs together it's never going to happen, imo.

Now - I see an opportunity right now. Three or four of our officer types are likely to ramp up their game time as the fall approaches. But I want to add leverage to that momentum and recruit four or five key new players as well, and we've just not been really successful at recruiting in the past. If we post on realm forums, bark in trade/lfg and invite pick up toons to heroics and KZ we usually are able to squeeze in a few more, but I thought I'd ask here if there was a magic bullet that we're missing.


08-22-2007, 10:55 AM
Merge with another small Kara guild that can down Nightbane. You should have enough A-team players to do 25 mans.

08-22-2007, 06:58 PM
I didn't want to hear that, but yes, it's probably valid.

Maybe just abosorb some players from a raiding guild that's breaking up, instead of wholesale merge - protect our culture a bit.

08-22-2007, 10:47 PM
I would advocate against a full scale collision of guilds. Pre-Bc i played a holy priest, still have him, still laugh at his crappy blues at lvl 70, we were on twin emps, and then suddenly things got unhappy. the reason? we absorbed a smaller guild that had been running with us from the very begining. The larger guild, "light" was crass, we swore, we told dead baby jokes, we ripped on each other, we were awful in guild chat, we just tore each other apart...thats just how we worked...i guess our mothers never gave us cookies after dinner. The other guild, a guild of only 40 total, and only 12-15 raided with us were nice, polite people, with quite a few 10-12 year olds in the guild, the raiders were...sort of used to us through exposure of raid chat, and vent conversations, (good thing they never heard binds ;) and somehow...we all decided it would just be simpler to join their guild into light.....

it failed.

In less than a month, there was more fighting and complaining, and throwing people out of the guild than ever (we had fun however gkicking each other to have another officer reinvite later at night when the kids wernt on, only to hear the bitching again the next day)

It went on like this for a while, i moved my priest to another guild, and another less progressed raid simply out of frustration, and eventually would roll my warrior, and transfer him to the server he is on now where i spend most of my time....but ill be damed if i dont miss the days of calling people out in guild chat for stupid shit, swearing at them on vent, and throwing snowballs (back when they knocked you over) at our MT during pulls...(wiping the raid with snowballs is the best memory i have of this game)

so my advice...dont do it...dont become a huge guild by merger...if you find a few people here and there from a guild, dont take the lot of them...5-10 might be ok, but youll get another 4-5 that will crash your whole fun time into arguments and stupidity...


08-23-2007, 07:19 AM
This is definitely on our minds. Progress, yes - but not at any cost.

We're hardly choirboys, of course. Our Momma jokes will curl your toes. Part of why we don't want a bunch 14 year olds. But the extreme racist stuff just doesn't do it for us. Weird that there's so much of that in WoW imo.

08-24-2007, 08:46 AM
Just for a brief overview of my experiences, when I played everquest I had to help rebuild our guild 3 times to recruit and find players. There are to vital things to doing this. The first is you need to be prepared to go backwards in progression a little. The second is you need to be prepared to be selective, this means dont take second rate trash.

We had the same problem you are having now we would struggle to get 2 full kara groups to clear the entire instance. At the same time we could still get one group to destroy it. To effectively raid Gruul's lair, Mag, and SSC you probably need to have about 30 raiders, if you can not make up for inconsistancy with attendance and the abnormal raid make up for certain fights you may not succeed.

My advice is this, when you look to recruit do not look at their gear because you will not find good geared players that want to go back in progression, and sometimes you will find a decent geared player that didnt make the cut in his old guild but may have gotten some loot. You need to be careful with these people because they are hit or miss. Gear does not make you a good player.

Intend to run kara once you find good players and gear them. A good friend of mine once said "Gear... I can give you gear, however I can not give you a brain". When you run karazhan DO NOT make 2 groups unless they can both fully clear the instance.... a majority of the gear that is going to help you progress comes from the hardest bosses in the instance you can not afford to leave them up from week to week if you expect to progress. If you are truely serious about this you need to make certain you kill everything and distribute gear where it is needed the most.

I hope this helped a little I could go on about recruiting or building a guild but you are looking to fill only 4-6 spots. Just remember dont look for purples, look for players that have blues, the level 70 tier 0 stuff. They more often than not have put the time in to farm that gear from 5 mans dealing with pugs and morons. It is my opinion that these players can become amazing raiders if they are given the chance they just need to cross that gap of gear defficiency.

08-24-2007, 02:56 PM
excellent point, thanks.

08-24-2007, 09:24 PM
I agree with most what has been said about not merging guilds. Better to just take a few and accept the set back on gearing them up.

3 times my guild has been starting on Gruul's lair (learning pulls and stuff) and 3 times I've had sudden wow quite/break which pushed us back into Kara :(.

Better to find the few hungry players willing to go the length for the guild. Those are the keepers. Don't accept any trash player for long.