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Effective Stat Allocation
The following chart offers general guidelines upon which to weigh stats; they do not reflect every situation you will be involved in, but will hold true under most circumstances.

These are rough proportionate values; they are not based on Ratings. They are a means whereby you can determine which stats are most important to you in your current progression. For instance, as much as I have preached Stamina for two years, Stamina simply isn't all that important if you can meet base minimums for 5-mans and Heroics.

All of the following assume you have reached the critical strike reduction cap at 490 Defense or through a mix of Resilience.

Raids (Mit.) Raids (Threat)
Stamina +Hit (Max of 8%)
Armor Block Value
Avoidance Attack Power
Block Value Parry

Heroics (Mit.) Heroics (Threat)
Armor Block Value
Avoidance +Hit (Max of 5%)
Block Value Parry
Stamina Attack Power

5-Mans (Mit.) 5-Mans (Threat)
Avoidance Block Value
Block Value Attack Power
Armor +Hit (Max of 5%)
Stamina +Crit

PVP (Mit.) PVP (Damage)
A Shield Block Value
Avoidance is placed as a comparison between all Dodge, Parry, or Defense. Check out the math done by Crimsonstorm to understand why these are not divided individually. This can be found here:
WoW Forums -> Updates to Fortifications (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=110532116&sid=1&pageNo=2#24)

Regardless of whether you are above the "uncrittable" threshold, Resilience will proc Enrage and Blood Craze at whatever percent it's rated for crit reduction. Strange mechanics, but true, and the result for Threat is very good. Only normal place you'll find this is Gladiator's Shield Wall and a few scattered items. If you have either of those talents, you may add Resilience to the above lists.

Gingamok's Rule of Thumb
Not always accurate, but generally a good place for you to start and determine what you need:

A hard and fast formula I use for approximating threat gen increases:

0.6-0.7% hit = 1% crit = 29 block value = 49 AP

It is not always accurate and is biased heavily to a scenario where you are using a 5-sunder devastate spam between revenge and shield slam. The shorter the fight the better block value is, the longer the fight the better hit, crit, and AP are.

Some Additional Notes
Shield Block Value is the best scaling you have built into tank gear, by far, especially with the right talents.

+Hit is very effective at stabilizing tanking, and produces on average, slightly more than 1% additional Threat for every 1% Hit. It also will not be normally found on tanking gear, unlike Shield Block Value and Attack Power, so you may wish to socket it.

Attack Power and Strength are also great scaling and they always have been. However, Blizzard usually balances gear correctly to give you enough.

Parry speeds up your attack speed based on your response to incoming attacks. I rate it higher than Resilience or Crit strictly based on how powerful it is for avoidance.

Crit. Wholly unreliable. Cruelty is a great, cheap talent, so I would recommend getting it once your other bases are covered. However, I'd also suggest avoiding gear with +Crit on it for the purposes of any serious tanking.

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These are pulled from a sub-article in Fortifications, Let me know if any part of it ought to be adjusted.