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07-24-2007, 07:06 PM
The TankSpot Calculator is a quick way of getting information that relates to Effective Health and Shield Slam damage. It is a simple input/output calculator. It is best used to help make gear choices when you are unsure whether Stamina or Armor would help you more; an example might be comparing your stats with Azure Shield of Coldarra against your stats with Crest of Sha'Tar (hint: Sha'tar loses in almost all comparisons). In the future, it may be used to index mobs and bosses to make gearing choices easier.

How do I determine my Block Value?
There are three ways to do this.

First, go fight a nearby creature and use Shield Block. Then, check your Combat Log for a specific amount of damage blocked. If no number is shown, find a creature that hits harder -- such as a creature in an instance or a Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula

Second, add up your Shield Block Value via your in-game Character Pane or your Armory entry. If you choose to do this, do not forget both the base value and bonus value of your shield itself. Then, divide your Strength by 20 and add that number to the total. Finally, multiply your Block Value by 1.3 and subtract 1 from the total. Enter this number.

Third, download Whitetooth's Tankpoints mod, which will display it conveniently on-screen.

What about Enemy Levels?
Effective Health is most useful as a tool for dealing with raid bosses. Nearly all raid bosses are considered to be level 73 Elite.

You may adjust your Effective Health for any creature down to level 60. However, the calculator is not designed to deal with levels 1-59, as Armor calculations in that range use a different formula.

What is Effective Health?
Read the Effective Health article here at TankSpot. It explains in detail the Effective Health theory.

Is this my full Effective Health?
No! You gain additional Effective Health via Shield Block. Unfortunately, this can't be quantified without further information. Read the addendum in Effective Health.

What is CCS Rating?
This is a quick rating system intended to help determine benchmarks for raid content. For instance, a CCS rating of 3.5 might be good to reach prior to raiding Karazhan.

How is Average Damage determined?
This is a very simple calculation for average Shield Slam damage upon a successful strike. This average is only an average of the range of a normal Shield Slam hit, not an average that includes Crit or Miss calculations. All calculations are done before Armor is factored.

What all counts in Additional TPS?
Additional Threat-Per-Second, or TPS, is determined under the assumption that you will use Shield Slam every 6 seconds. It factors in both Defiance and Defensive Stance to produce a TPS average. It includes the full damage of an attack, including base damage. Like Average Damage, it does not include Crit or Miss calculations.

What is Percent of Record?
The Percent of Record score is a percentage of the current known record for Shield Slam, 7318. Find more information at shieldslam.com (http://shieldslam.tankspot.com/).

08-17-2007, 10:27 PM
For the CCS Rating, is the calculation assuming the stats given are unbuffed or with full raid buffs?

08-17-2007, 11:08 PM
Assuming unbuffed.

08-18-2007, 05:55 AM
Is there a CSS chart or some basic values that have been calculated for entering SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT? Think it would be interesting if a CSS value was established for each boss.