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  1. Heart Strike damage working as Intended??
  2. Arms dps?
  3. How much ArP?
  4. Arms buff food?
  5. Maximising Protection Warrior DPS
  6. Do AM and UW have any purpose?
  7. armor pen for fury question
  8. Use of Grim Toll
  9. DW Fury weapon choice question
  10. New fury spec.
  11. DW DPS Questions
  12. Rawr vs. EJ Spreadsheet?
  13. Good dps spec in tank gear?
  14. Arms + Bloodlust/Heroism or Potion of Speed?
  15. Enrage - Why don't we use it?
  16. Leather vs Plate and a new weapon theory help
  17. Vereesa's Silver Chain Belt vs Verdungo's Barbaria
  18. Trouble Managing Threat
  19. Arms Questions
  20. Arms Rotation: Victory Rush
  21. Which is better?
  22. Can't seem to get my dps to a respectable level
  23. A few questions regarding pre-raiding
  24. Retribution DPS- how long to keep T7/T7.5 Gear
  25. Arms vs Fury: DPS Benchmarks
  26. Arms Rotation: Slamming After Juggernaut
  27. Frustrated with my crappy Arms DPS
  28. Grim Toll + Incisor Fragment
  29. 1hander and sheild ret dps??
  30. Fury Dps Check
  31. Fury Warrior - The "Golden" Stat
  32. Warrior Weapons: cannot decide
  33. Fury dps needs upping
  34. Impossible to gear-up in heroics as Fury?
  35. Fury Warrior (I suck...HELP!!!)
  36. Arms DPS Food: Hearty Rhino or Dragonfin Filet?
  37. ArP, Is there a cap?
  38. How to play Fury Warrior in Raids ?
  39. T7 4 pc bonus
  40. Recount / DPS meter
  41. Pally's wearing mail?
  42. Realistic Expectations for Fury DPS?
  43. Rotation for protadins.
  44. Fury Warrior and the New Emblem Items.
  45. Low DPS
  46. Bloodsurge bug?
  47. Ret Rotation
  48. Fury DPS in Ulduar
  49. Confused on Fury vs. Arms
  50. Greatness vs. Ulduar
  51. A bit of theory about fury 3.1 DPS.
  52. Is Arms Supposed to Be More Buff Dependant?
  53. Lvling
  54. What Boss Debuffs Do We Benefit From?
  55. Comparison of two weps for a human arms warrior.
  56. Profession Dps Help!
  57. Juggernaut Changes
  58. I don't quite cut it (arms)
  59. spell roatation improvement?
  60. need some guides to arms and gear
  61. Game Pads, Gaming KBs for DPS
  62. Finally some kind of answer (GC quote)
  63. Blood Frenzy DMG
  64. Possible cap being added to ArP...
  65. Switching to One-handers for Execute Spam
  66. Gemming and DPS Question
  67. Berserking + Executioner in 3.1?
  68. Arms or Fury?
  69. No Rage On Patchwerk = Teh Suck Dips
  70. Potions
  71. Arms and Fury PvE dps increase
  72. Blood DK and ArP??
  73. blizzard forums post ab arms and fury comparising!
  74. Arms or Fury which to Dual Spec.
  75. Is Sundering Ever not Worth it?
  76. Stats, soft caps, and another questions ...
  77. Back to Wow Need Help With DK DPS
  78. Good Arms mod?
  79. Bloodthirst Buffed!
  80. Patch 3.1.3 Notes for Arms/Fury Warriors
  81. Too Much ArP?
  82. Stealth rage generation nerf (already live)
  83. Sword spec, How bad is it?
  84. Arms Warriors, what's your highest DPS ability?
  85. 4p T8 For an Arms Warrior, is it Worth it?
  86. SoC, wasted point??
  87. Expertise, Arms, and Overpower Glyph
  88. DPS info
  89. Devastate DPS build
  90. How many fury warriors...
  91. How much dps needed for Ulduar10?
  92. Arms warriors, DPS on boss dummy?
  93. My DPS is too low?
  94. Balance Druid Rotation
  95. Arms lvl specc
  96. Fury Warriors and Hodir25
  97. Titansteel destroyer or Colossal clad cleaver
  98. Fury Rotation after the patch?
  99. "Advanced" Arms guide?
  100. Fury DPS please help
  101. Fury Talents - Enrage
  102. Failblog - Retection DPS
  103. Retribution Paladin Looking for a Good Rotation
  104. Whats a girl to do .. Moonkin DPS
  105. holy threat batman!!! DPS warriors = 2 much threat
  106. fury or arms for offspec dps
  107. [fury] ever gem for crit > str???
  108. Arms DPS rotation help!
  109. Fury Warrior- Execute Range Weapons Switch?
  110. Heroism and DPS
  111. Weapon Mastery or Improved Execute for Arms Spec?
  112. DK DPS and Expertise
  113. Suggestion on Arms Gearing w/ T8.5
  114. 3.1.3 retrospective
  115. Not about tank dps
  116. 3.2 Patch 51/2/18 useless?
  117. Log parser, which is more accurate?
  118. Arms Rotation
  119. max dps rotation
  120. Do we really need instant Slam as a fury warrior?
  121. Enrage
  122. Abaddon vs. Death's Bite
  123. Prot Warrior DPS
  124. Fury is it worth it?
  125. cries of a low dps enh shaman
  126. Speed potion Vs Indestructible potion 3.2
  127. Need help raising caster dps
  128. DK Frost Tanking DoT's
  129. Can I push anymore dps out?
  130. Any good Arms rotation
  131. Good rotation for Unholy spec
  132. Need advice on improving my balance druid dps
  133. Expertise still greater than other stats?
  134. HASTE - Do we like it for fury?
  135. Not enough :[
  136. I need some help boosting dps
  137. ArP: I need the backstory
  138. Latest Revision of MaxDPS
  139. Ret- Shield of Righteousness
  140. Arms PVE: HopeRender VS. Worldcarver
  141. fury need help -how to improve
  142. trying to get better dps
  143. I need Arms DPS parses
  144. Indestructible Potion for DPS?
  145. Blood Spec aoe rotation
  146. Ret-paladin
  147. Wearing mail/leather
  148. i don't know wtf i am doing wrong..
  149. ArP Cap, what's the word
  150. Name that buff!
  151. Sudden DPS Increase?
  152. Arms Warriors and Incite
  153. Melee DPS on Auriya
  154. Death's Bite or Wraith Spear?
  155. am i geared enough for going ArP?
  156. Fury Dps help
  157. Confused 3.1 fury warrior
  158. rotation for pallys
  159. Where I should be?
  160. help with my low dps :(
  161. Armor Penetration, Confusion, and Opinions
  162. landsoul spreadsheet mirror
  163. @Landsoul
  164. Going heroics on an undergeared toon.
  165. Possible Devestate/SS based prot dps spec?
  166. minimum crit vs. arp for fury war?
  167. Fury general questions
  168. 2H Swords and DPS warriors
  169. What to do now...
  170. Fix me
  171. Mirror of truth or Grim Toll for Arms Spec?
  172. DPS frustration
  173. Help with using Landsou's spreadsheet!
  174. New Raid Audit Tool - Need Feedback
  175. [Fury] 3.2 Execute Rotation
  176. Quick Frost DK dps 3.2 question
  177. Hunter DPS
  178. FURY VS ARMS, When to change spec?
  179. Warrior DPS Noticing a lack of...
  180. Execute Stays Lit?
  181. Blood vs. Frost Dual Wielding.
  182. Landsoul' Dps spreadsheet Hit gems/Str gems
  183. I (and my guild) need a lot of help
  184. Fury DPS help!!!
  185. 1 Spare talent point
  186. Fury Warrior - Stats / ArP Trinkets Advice
  187. Armored to the Teeth, really worth it?
  188. a question about raid food
  189. New to dpsing warrior (fury)
  190. Mage DPS help
  191. [Arms] 100% Passive ArP vs 100% proc Arp
  192. Arms DPS: Wild Magic vs. Insane Strength
  193. Warrior Tank Stats for max DPS/TPS
  194. Armor Pen (how much do I have?)
  195. Insane Strength Pot or Pot of Speed?
  196. New to Fury, gear & gem choices.
  197. Question, About mages.
  198. Plate not using relentless meta.
  199. Talent Spec for DPS
  200. Axe vs. mace Specialization
  201. Couple of frost d/w gear questions
  202. Respeccing Arms to Fury
  203. Need some helpful Fury Gear Advice
  204. What is SEP value for armor after the AtT change?
  205. Icecrown Legendary Axe
  206. Looking for some guidance/opinions (Fury Warrior)
  207. Arms DPS Help
  208. Making a Comeback
  209. Shattering Throw as Fury
  210. Any good Warlock Sites?
  211. Sick of PUG weak dps, Tank in Arms Spec?
  212. ArP and Sunderarmor + FF...
  213. Ret Pally help
  214. got a bit of a threat problem..
  215. Trinket Troubles. ArP trinket vs passive ArP
  216. How To Improve DPS?
  217. Switching from Arms to Fury
  218. Sword spec getting some loving (PTR 3.2.2)
  219. Fury- questions - ub/armor pen
  220. Fury spec tweaking/help
  221. Too much Strength?
  222. Need Arms (possibly Fury) help Pls.
  223. Paladins and armor penetration
  224. Why do I suck?
  225. [Fury] Imp Execute vs Imp Cleave
  226. Gem for Exp, use food, or forget it?
  227. Sunder as DPS warrior?
  228. Arms Dps warr needs help!
  229. Thinking about trying DPS
  230. Which is better for DPS
  231. Arms 3.2 rotation
  232. New Landsoul Spreadsheet
  233. So I spec'd in to Mace as Arms..
  234. Arms Specc Blade storm of Deathwish ?
  235. Proper Fury Priorities?
  236. ARMS: Armor Penetration getting nerfed in 3.2.2
  237. Arms and Ret exp confusion
  238. Arms warrior in need of advice
  239. About hit rating as DW frost DK
  240. new mage pve spec
  241. 2-weapon Bladestorm
  242. Frost DW: Sigil of Awareness or Sigil of Virulence?
  243. How much dps can the classes put out?
  244. What number are u pulling while tankin on Twin Valkyr
  245. Feral DPS Doubts
  246. Emblem of Triumph pick list (DPS)
  247. Switch to Fury?... but with lower dps weapons.
  248. Gemming expertise vs str with poor quality gear
  249. Fury - When is it too much crit?
  250. Fury Warriors: Moderation and balance is the key