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  1. Tanking Is it even possible to get CTC capped in normals?
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  10. DPS Server advice
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  12. Tanking I'm finding this DK of mine to make less and less sense....
  13. Tanking Warrior iLvl 373 - Need advices (Gems, Regorge, maybe Talents?)
  14. Tanking Is it worth switching professions from engi/alch to jc/bs as a warrior?
  15. Mage Looking for Volatiles
  16. Warrior Fury needs advice on talents/gems/glyphs/etc..
  17. Tanking need help finding a good guild
  18. Priest From lvl 1 to Deathwing!
  19. Shaman Tailoring Cloak Enchants
  20. Tanking Choosing tank class. Help needed.
  21. Warrior Leveling Fury, and advice other than "Go arms"?
  22. Tanking NEED HELP! Prot Pally taking too much dmg
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  24. Tanking Paladin prot tank need advice for gear, caps and etc.
  25. Tanking Best HC shannox setup for this raid team ?
  26. Tanking Prot warrior gear.
  27. Healing Guild App help not answered in "Get Accepted to Any Guild" sticky
  28. DPS RHyolith HC steering problems
  29. Tanking Not enough dps
  30. Tanking gear check please
  31. Druid Opinions on using guilds as stepping stones.
  32. Tanking What's wrong with my tanking?
  33. Druid Feral Druid (Bear) Guide?
  34. Tanking Not sure on gear
  35. Tanking Gear Check (pwetty pwease)
  36. Healing Confused about what stats to get
  37. Tanking Gear check please! :)
  38. Healing gear/talent/gem/enchant HALP please?
  39. Shaman Need some Shaman help, if you'd please.
  40. Mage hlp with fire spec pls
  41. Tanking How can I get into a guild?
  42. Warrior Gemming
  43. Tanking Prot pally LF help
  44. Tanking DK Blood tank looking for help
  45. Paladin I need a Belt
  46. Tanking Advice on gear and stats
  47. Tanking New warrior tank LF advice
  48. Tanking Gear Check, 4.3 Stat Priority Focus Questions.
  49. Tanking Warrior Tanking Questions (Problems?)
  50. Warrior Warrior Tank LF gem/reforge fixin!
  51. Tanking Blood DK "Stamina Soft cap" and other stuff...
  52. Tanking Warrior Tank looking for a checkup & advice before moving onto Ultraxion
  53. Paladin Tanking advice
  54. Hunter Help, need advice about "haste levels"
  55. Tanking Returning Prot warrior talent advice.
  56. Rogue Struggling with Creed (Rogue Legendary)
  57. Tanking Wiping on Warlord Zon'ozz
  58. Warrior 4.3 Arms Help!
  59. Paladin Armory Tarnas of Proudmoore
  60. Tanking Eternal Shadow Spirit Diamond
  61. Warrior I can't find in the archives the old excel
  62. Healing Need desperate help - Warlord_Zon'ozz (10 normal)
  63. Warrior Gems, its a good one go for Stamina this days?
  64. DPS What should our dps be pulling
  65. Paladin Prot paladin 2 pc bonus
  66. Tanking DK Endgame Tanking Dodge/Parry question.
  67. Tanking Looking for some critiquing. (Warrior)
  68. Healing Resto Shaman/HolyDisc Priest in need of help :(
  69. Warrior Prot PVP DPS
  70. Tanking DK Tanking Heroic Morchok issue...
  71. Tanking Help with tanking
  72. Healing What spec is best for preist healing.
  73. Warrior Warrior Tank Selfheal + Time-after-CTC-Cap
  74. Tanking Guess what. I need help with tanking....
  75. Hunter MM hunter DPS output issue
  76. Tanking DK Tank who gets critted
  77. Tanking warriors and avoidence
  78. Warrior Colossal Smash Clipping
  79. Tanking Wiping on Madness.
  80. Warrior Need Prot Warrior Caps
  81. Warrior Tanking Weapon
  82. Tanking Prot Paladin Mastery Cap - It's all dutch to me... Help :(
  83. Death Knight If u can help me get better dk dps frost
  84. Warrior Halp! Warr Tank - Heroic Hagara 10
  85. Tanking Chardev, trying to get hit/exp capped while staying ctc capped
  86. Tanking warrior tank needs a little gear advice.
  87. Tanking Warrior Looking for some advice
  88. Warrior Learning to Keybind/MouseTurn, need some tips
  89. Shaman Elemental DPS - Where am I %&#@ing up at?!
  90. Paladin Prot paladin help
  91. Druid Feral Cat - dps help!
  92. Tanking i think i'm noob Prot pally help!
  93. Tanking What am I doing wrong here
  94. Healing 10m heroic(hopefully soon) disc priest
  95. Tanking Help with re-gemming. [Warrior]
  96. Tanking druid feral tank needs help please
  97. DPS Gearcheck on a New Ret Pally
  98. DPS simcraft and me... correct me if i'm wrong.
  99. Healing Priest - holy or disc?
  100. Tanking Trinket Halp!
  101. Tanking Death Knights in End Game
  102. Tanking Heroic Morchok - Blood DK
  103. Tanking Ultraxion help
  104. Tanking Raid leading
  105. Tanking New tank go DK or Pally?
  106. DPS dps probs
  107. Warrior Low dps Arms warrior.
  108. Warrior What is Warrior CS 4-set bonus called when using power auras
  109. Tanking Trinket question for Prot warrior!
  110. Rogue Rogue needs help :)
  111. Tanking Warrior tank got owned in first DS one..Help
  112. Tanking Need help, my damage sucks compared to others with similar gear.
  113. Death Knight Should I match sockets as a dk tank or just go all mastery?
  114. Healing Heroic Yor'sahj 10Man - Not sure if it's healing or dps..
  115. Tanking Wiping on Madness part deux
  116. Tanking Impale on Madness advice.
  117. Warrior Confusion on trinkets and avoidance.
  118. Tanking Prot Pally, I need the basic know it all for 5 man heroics.
  119. Death Knight Frost dk confused :S
  120. Tanking My damage taken compared to my co-tank seems too high.
  121. Death Knight Blood DK - 2 questions!
  122. Warrior is going over ctc with dodge/parry procs bad ?
  123. Tanking Paladin Tanks
  124. Tanking Is my health pool low?
  125. Warrior A few ultra-noob questions on protection warriors.
  126. Warrior Struggling with Arms Warrior DPS
  127. Warrior Soloing with a Warrior
  128. Warrior ArP help
  129. Warrior Ugh....Horrible Arms DPS
  130. Tanking 1 tank 2 heal H-Yorsahj 10m
  131. Warrior Poor Prot Damage
  132. Warrior Prot Taking too much damage
  133. Tanking A meatshield with no meat.
  134. Druid Druid Help - Need a Good Website
  135. Healing Holy paladin cooldowns.
  136. Warrior rotting skull vs vessel of acceleration for Arms
  137. Tanking Im so confused on CTC?
  138. Healing Disc priest has a question
  139. Warrior Herald of the Titans
  140. Warrior Fury Warrior 4.3 (hit vs. mastery)
  141. Warrior Why is mastery important
  142. DPS Dunno what happend
  143. Tanking Heroic morchok swing is owning me
  144. Tanking Solo Tanking Madness
  145. Tanking Single tanking DS 10 man - question
  146. Mage Advise when to switch to fire for raiding
  147. Tanking Increasing DPS on H Ultrax
  148. DPS HELP!!! 85 Arms Warrior DPS is too low!
  149. Tanking Prot Pally Y U HAV NO HEALTH POOL
  150. Tanking Soulshifter vortex paladin tank
  151. Tanking Warrior tank question!
  152. Tanking Anything I can improve on? (Gear + gems)
  153. Tanking blood dk query
  154. Tanking Unsleeping vs ultraxion (heroic)
  155. Tanking Back After a long break.
  156. Mage Fire mage question about haste cap :)
  157. Death Knight Gear Check
  158. Priest Teach Me How To Dougie
  159. Tanking Can I have some constructive criticism and feedback please?
  160. Mage fire mage
  161. Warrior Human Warrior noob help
  162. Mage Arcane, low dps
  163. Tanking 85 Human Warrior
  164. Healing 10m Heroic Zon'ozz sucks....
  165. Warrior Fury Warrior 4.3 trinkets
  166. Tanking Level 80 Protection Warrior needs Rotation
  167. Druid Scroll of Resurrection - Ner'zul
  168. Tanking Question and Opinion please.
  169. Tanking Need Help/Have Questions on H Spine
  170. Warrior Pre-Cata Newly Returned: HELP
  171. Tanking End Game Prot Warrior Stats Priority Question
  172. Tanking I need advice!
  173. Death Knight DPSing issues - I dont understand....
  174. Tanking Prot warrior needing help with dps
  175. Warrior Is it time to go fury?
  176. DPS Need help with fury warrior
  177. Paladin Retribution Paladin rotation "halp" needed.
  178. Tanking Between Warlock and Bear Druid for solo?
  179. Warrior Need help with a certain spce
  180. Warlock I feel i'm a bad warlock? :P
  181. Warlock Demo dps help
  182. DPS Retribution Paladin Weapon advice
  183. Paladin Unbound
  184. Mage mage dps low
  185. Tanking Heroic Yorsaj VS Prot Warrior
  186. Warrior Arms warrior need some inspection and advice about Madness HC 10
  187. DPS Fury warrior low dps. Advice please.
  188. Warrior HALP! need help with threat
  189. Tanking over my ctc i think not sure which way to go
  190. Warrior Warrior tank DPS problem
  191. Tanking Looking for advice from more experienced tanks.
  192. Tanking Death Knight Stam vs others
  193. Tanking Some gear and Gemming Questions.. 85 Protection Pally
  194. Warrior H Yorsahj...I'm sure there's plenty wrong...
  195. Death Knight blood dk fps issues!
  196. Tanking spec help
  197. Paladin Prot Pally - life past full ctc? Where to go now?
  198. Healing Healing Addon
  199. Tanking Help Prot Warrior.
  200. DPS Thegreatme fury warrior guide confusion
  201. Tanking prot warrior dmg probs
  202. Warrior Prot warrior Issues
  203. Healing Need Holy Paly advice
  204. Warrior Prot warrior help?
  205. Tanking Have you heard of ELF UI?
  206. Tanking Prot warrior Questions.
  207. Tanking I need help reaching full CTC.
  208. Tanking Need help with Druid Tanking.
  209. Paladin Ret Paladin looking for some advice
  210. DPS Which to use?
  211. Tanking How can I improve my Paladin tank?
  212. Warrior Prot Warrior confused why still squishy
  213. Tanking Halp, just started playing again! <>Protection warrior<>
  214. Warrior Need some help with my Protection DPS
  215. Tanking Why do Terrors kill me?
  216. Tanking 25 Man Heroic Content - Tank Niche's?
  217. Need Help
  218. Tanking Rejoining after a long break, maybe
  219. Tanking Need help/advice with regards to maximizing current gear
  220. Tanking Need help with my Pally Tank
  221. Tanking Which cloak is better for a prot warrior?
  222. Mage Mage returning but abit lost :s
  223. DPS Heroic Madness bloods on last platform
  224. Tanking Tanking Need help with gems and reforging
  225. Tanking No real raid leader problem
  226. Tanking Prot Warrior & Reaching 102.4 CTC
  227. Tanking Accessing Heroic Mode for Raid Bosses
  228. Mage new mage here
  229. Paladin Old reputations before MOP?
  230. Tanking Numpad binding
  231. Tanking Wanting to try tanking...
  232. Death Knight Handling runes as a Blood tank.
  233. Tanking Minimum heroic level
  234. Tanking I need a little help please
  235. Paladin pally tank coming back having problems
  236. Tanking help back from 6 months
  237. Tanking Druid Tanking questions
  238. Warrior Left Wow just before ICC opened up. Back to try it, and I'm kinda lost
  239. Healing best way to track renewing mist
  240. Tanking Druid Glyphing Questions
  241. Tanking Prot warrior help!
  242. Warrior Engineering helm and trinket advice
  243. Tanking Need help with Sblock
  244. Warrior Best in slot MoP
  245. Healing Dealing with the Rend Flesh bleeds in Stone Guard
  246. Tanking Tanking LFR for first time?
  247. DPS Feral talents/reforging?
  248. Tanking New Paladin Tank seeking tricks and must have add-on's
  249. Tanking 25man Normal MV Stone Guard First Trash Pull
  250. Healing Request Holy Paladin Advice