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  6. Tanking Paladin. Threat. Raids. I suck.
  7. DPS Haste>Mastery?
  8. Warrior Where should I be as far as Hit/exp (Warrior)
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  11. Tanking warrior tanking?
  12. Death Knight DK tanking issue
  13. Paladin Tanking issue. (Parry/dodge) why am i taking much dmg?
  14. Tanking [Protection Warrior] Rate/Critique/Give Advice for my Tank [Protection Warrior]
  15. Shaman Rate my armory
  16. Warrior How does my gear look?
  17. Tanking Can't decide what valor piece to get first =/
  18. Tanking Druid tank troubled about stats
  19. Tanking Back to the basics
  20. Tanking Sooo...
  21. Tanking Quit or try to improve?
  22. Tanking Pally aggro issues.
  23. Tanking How to tank as Pally
  24. Tanking Prot Warrior Looking to see if I am on the right path
  25. Tanking Warrior tank needs halp
  26. Warrior Advise on 4.2 changes to fury warrior and equipping items
  27. Warrior Prot Warrior coming back from 5-6 month break, need help please.
  28. Tanking prot warrior for FL
  29. DPS Rhyolith 10m Normal Help?
  30. Tanking Need some feedback on my Tanks
  31. Tanking Need advice
  32. DPS Fire mage, ready to raid?
  33. Tanking Prot Paly needs help...
  34. Tanking Comeback!
  35. Priest holy priest
  36. Tanking Ok, my pally tank and I'm kind of confused on stats.
  37. DPS Having trouble with Beth's adds....
  38. Tanking Protection paladin and Inquisition
  39. Druid Bears seem so much spikey in terms of damage intake, or am I geared wrong?
  40. DPS Quick item question
  41. Tanking Warrior Prot Threat Gen
  42. Warrior warrior tank help 10 man Alysrazor
  43. Tanking Proffesion, war tank choice.
  44. DPS Need help to get better DPS
  45. Healing My healing sucks now, Holy Pala asking for help.
  46. DPS Class Advice
  47. Warrior weapon/spec choice
  48. DPS Right click targeting
  49. Tanking Paladin Tank in need of advice
  50. Tanking So WHAT IS the issue?
  51. Warrior Do we still need hit/expertise?
  52. Tanking Tank without a lot of keys to press?
  53. Death Knight t11 4 set bonus
  54. Tanking Prot warrior : Damage inc!!
  55. Tanking New to Tanking
  56. Warrior Need some help with threat
  57. Tanking Gear link, help!
  58. Tanking Prot War dying - gear & CD rotation @ Beth'tilac 10m N
  59. Healing restro druid- 1 hand / off hanf or 2h staff??
  60. Hunter Getting back into WoW
  61. Tanking I take more dmg in ZA than raids...
  62. Warrior HC Alysrazor as a Protection Warrior
  63. Warrior New to the game. Want to tank. Don't want to suck.
  64. Warrior Was told I took to much dmg
  65. Warrior Fury warrior review/new trinket comparison
  66. Death Knight Need some input on dodge/parry VS mastery. Confused because of fellow DK tank advice
  67. Mage Fire mage really needs help
  68. Tanking Question about Parry/Dodge and DR's
  69. Death Knight Unholy Deathknight Dps Troubles
  70. Healing Having trouble healing everyone in HC dungeons!
  71. Warrior Tank DPS and Health
  72. Tanking majordomo staghelm
  73. Warlock need advice plz help
  74. Tanking Warrior needs help on his stats :)!
  75. Tanking TANK question
  76. Tanking Prot. Warrior In Need of Advice
  77. Warrior Prot Warrior - Which Meta?
  78. Warrior New Prot Warrior Tank and _when_ to focus on Mastery Reforging
  79. Tanking Warrior 4.2
  80. Tanking Just looking for some advice..
  81. Tanking Reforges and general stat check
  82. Hunter Cata Raids
  83. Tanking war tank 4set vs offset valor choice. gear help.
  84. Tanking Prot Pally tanking advice
  85. Priest Time to move on
  86. Tanking Rage
  87. Death Knight Tanking Trinket Advice
  88. Paladin Help me be a better tank.
  89. Tanking I want to become a better tank
  90. Tanking Soo...synergy.
  91. Druid Feral druid (Bear)
  92. Paladin Ret t11 4pc?
  93. Tanking Warrior tank on Beth'tilac
  94. Paladin Tank gear questions for firelands
  95. Warrior Gear/gem/stats question
  96. Warrior Mortal Strike Skill ID
  97. Warrior Please Critique our Main Tanks setup
  98. Warrior Question about gemming T12 Tank gear
  99. Warrior What is the verdict on Deep Wounds?
  100. Tanking druid tank question
  101. Tanking Any advice on my new gear?
  102. Tanking Help with trinket choice
  103. Warrior Thoughts and ideas?
  104. Druid 2pT11 until I can get 2pT12 or just get rid of it?
  105. Rogue hot fix to unheeded warning
  106. Warrior Any help in converting to an "All-In-One" Warrior? [Tank/PvE + PvP DPS]
  107. Mage Gone arcane - many questions
  108. Healing I Need a Paladin Healing 101
  109. Tanking Rallying cry replaces last stand?
  110. Tanking Major random threat issues lately.
  111. Tanking Gnerating Good threat as a pally
  112. Tanking Retaliation and heroic leap generate disappointing threat
  113. DPS Rhyolith and the Flaming Stomp of Doom... avoidable?
  114. Tanking warrior tanking help
  115. Tanking Finding the right raid
  116. Warrior Tanking Beth'tilac as Warrior
  117. Healing Holy Priest. Trouble keeping group up
  118. Tanking New Tank (60) needs keybinding advice
  119. Warrior My Fury Warrior Dps Sucks.
  120. Warrior Help me help my fury warrior friend
  121. DPS Fury ... more like furry
  122. Tanking I am Confused about tanking?
  123. Warrior Arms or Fury for Raiding?
  124. Death Knight Newbie Raider needs advice on where to start.
  125. Druid New Guild
  126. War prot need help
  127. Tanking War prot need help
  128. Healing Discipline Priest, PLEASE HELP
  129. Warrior i need some atvice about Shaodow preist and Prot warrior
  130. Tanking threat issues
  131. Tanking Paladin AOE threat on Fragments of Ryolith
  132. Death Knight Frost dk hit
  133. DPS shannox probs
  134. Warrior As threat's no longer an issue...
  135. Tanking Just some quick advice please
  136. Tanking Started a Blood DK main spec off unholy spec...
  137. Tanking Protection Paladin Tanking Advice
  138. Paladin Gearing up again for raids
  139. Death Knight Unholy help. (:
  140. Paladin ret paladin needs help with dps
  141. Tanking Paladin vs Voracious Hatchlings
  142. Tanking Warrior on Alysrazor Adds
  143. Tanking Few Simple Questions for Prot Warrior
  144. Tanking Taking a lot of damage - Warrior
  145. Tanking Looking for general gear/stat advice for Prot Warrior
  146. Tanking Addon information!!!!
  147. Warrior Help with my Fury
  148. Hunter Low DPS in 5 and 10 mans
  149. Warrior Prot warrior Dps
  150. Mage not sure on fire set up
  151. Tanking Prot warrior inquiry
  152. Tanking Raid Leader's QQ. Move on. But move on..... where?
  153. Hunter lf a guide
  154. Warlock Afflic Warlock w/ Inconsistent DPS
  155. Tanking Stepping up to tank!
  156. Tanking Need advice on gear reforging
  157. Tanking Tanking Potion Options
  158. Warlock afflication to demo
  159. Tanking Tank Needing Some Feedback
  160. Tanking 120k health for reg. heroics 75% avd
  161. Mage Mage needs some help
  162. Tanking Gigantiform bracers or bracers of regal force
  163. Tanking Eu server but which one?
  164. Shaman Enhance D{S Question
  165. Paladin Gear checkup, Askmrrobot being weird.
  166. DPS having trouble on beth tilac
  167. Death Knight some blood dk questions...
  168. Warrior CTC or Dodge/Parry Ratio?
  169. Tanking First time making a tank need advice.
  170. Tanking Alysrazor tanking issues
  171. Tanking Two pally tanks in a raid?
  172. Death Knight Blood DK Tank Gearing?
  173. Tanking How could make my CTC higher?
  174. Tanking [Death Knight] Am I ready to raid?
  175. Warrior Seem to get owned badly on one boss, Venoxis.
  176. Tanking Prot pally help
  177. Warrior Something about me? (protwarr)
  178. Tanking New Pally Tank
  179. DPS Just switched back to fury an require a check up
  180. Tanking Warrior Tank help
  181. Shaman Elemental Shaman looking for gear advice
  182. Healing Advise for evaluating our holy priest
  183. DPS 85 Enhancement shaman weapon q's
  184. Healing Someone Help Please Holy Priest
  185. Tanking Total avoidance macro
  186. Tanking Death Knight
  187. Tanking any point do i reforge differently
  188. Warrior Prot Warrior Threat Issue
  189. Warrior When should you change stance?
  190. Tanking Serious Prot DPS issues
  191. Warrior back from a break from WoW
  192. Warrior Tank T12 set bonus
  193. Tanking What. The eff.
  194. Warrior Fury DPS - What on earth is going wrong?
  195. DPS Affliction Warlock dps output problem
  196. Warrior Nublet Prot Warrior could use a once-over
  197. Tanking Need advice, taking way to much damage.
  198. Tanking Warrior or Pala
  199. Tanking Druid Tanking
  200. Death Knight am i crazy? DK tanking, outbreak, interrupt and the castsequence macro command!!
  201. Tanking Prot Warrior Gems/Reforging Strategy
  202. Rogue Gear advice requested
  203. Tanking STOP! All classes/roles: Gearing/Playstyle/Spec/Rotation guides! Try here first!
  204. Paladin im new to tanking 5 man heroics and raids
  205. Healing shannox heroic ----> druid/dk tanking combo
  206. Tanking Small raid makeup issue
  207. Healing Resto shaman, seems my numbers are low?
  208. Healing Druid, D Priest, and Shaman comp on 10M Ryolith HM
  209. Warrior tank off specing fury questions
  210. Shaman Enhance Needs a quick gander please.
  211. Tanking Prot Paladin, Advice welcome. Glyphs/Gems and a shoulder Question!
  212. Mage arcane help
  213. Tanking Gear Check
  214. Tanking looking for a check up, its been awhile
  215. Warrior SMF warrior gander / issue
  216. Warrior How am i looking anything i can do better?
  217. Warlock Affliction dps problem
  218. Tanking Tank class combination for 10man raid
  219. Hunter Is it possible to keybind a pet's abilities?
  220. Tanking Need help on My Blood DK
  221. Tanking Taunt issue on Rag
  222. Death Knight Think he's ready to start tanking heroics?
  223. Tanking Dealing with tanking stresses!
  224. Tanking Squeezing out some DPS while tanking
  225. Paladin Protection Pally needs help!!!!!!
  226. Tanking How am i looking and can i do it better?
  227. DPS fury warrior looking for a check up :)
  228. Tanking protpally: BiS trinkets for ragnaros hc?
  229. Death Knight Dk Tank Needs Help
  230. Tanking Warrior tank 10m HM gear check
  231. Warrior Need Help With My Fury Warrior.
  232. Tanking I can't believe im back
  233. Warrior Warrior 10M HC tank need advice about Crystallized Firestone and gear check
  234. Tanking Prot Warrior Trinkets
  235. Warrior Warrior Tank Needs Advice
  236. Tanking getting back into game - advice
  237. Tanking Please don't laugh at us =/
  238. Tanking In need for simple re-apply debuff of target addon?
  239. Tanking Protection Warrior Help
  240. Death Knight Gearing for Cata instances
  241. Mage Arcane mage wondering if its all good :)
  242. Paladin Prot Pallie, any suggestions?
  243. Tanking Prot pally advice
  244. DPS Arms is my new off spec, I need some help
  245. Healing ptr and addons
  246. Tanking Protection Warrior meta for Heroic Ragnaros 10man.
  247. Shaman Healing advice needed
  248. Warrior Prot Warrior gearing tuneup for H Rag 10
  249. Healing i need some help to improve....
  250. Paladin Retri palladin doing well but...... is there anything i can do better?