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  75. Warrior What am i doing wrong?Fury Warrior
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  80. Healing Help D:
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  119. Warrior So I'm rolling DPS
  120. Warrior Fury OS Check
  121. Tanking The new but not-so-great adventure of an old timer tank
  122. Tanking Death Knight Tanking Questions
  123. Tanking Pre-Heroic Protection Warrior gear check
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  125. Tanking Ready for raids?
  126. Shaman Spirit values for raiding?
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  128. Death Knight Bad CC or bad me?
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  132. Tanking New keyboard
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  140. Priest Shadow Priest help
  141. Mage Which mage spec to choose?
  142. Warrior Archeology Info!
  143. Tanking Prot Warrior Questions
  144. Warrior warrior build advice wanted fury/prot
  145. Tanking Protection Warrior needs help with damage intake
  146. Hunter Hunter shot help
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  149. Warrior What am I doing Wrong?
  150. Tanking Druid | Bear Tanking problem
  151. Tanking announcement addon
  152. Warrior Ranged / Thrown weapons with Strength
  153. Tanking Warrior advice
  154. Tanking Link to my Armory - Looking for any suggestions
  155. Paladin Tankadin Requires Assistance
  156. Tanking Feral Tanking & Starting Raids
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  161. Priest Switching Realms
  162. Priest Unsure If I'm Doing Badly or Not
  163. Tanking PROT warrior looking for gear critique. Level 84
  164. Tanking 85 Prot warrior raid advice
  165. Tanking Prot Paladin Avoidance numbers.
  166. Tanking Reforging and Gemming: Where to next?
  167. Tanking Protection Warrior - 5 man heroics - Hit/Exp
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  169. Death Knight Bunch of tanking questions - getting ready for heroics....
  170. Warrior Ranged Slot
  171. Tanking Need some critique on my gear/gems/enchants
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  173. Warrior In WLK, 4%miss in Spell Reflection would be miss the Spells as Dragon Breathing ?
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  176. Healing Need Toon Help - Holy Priest
  177. Warrior Fury warrior after soft cap on hit/exp, what to do?
  178. Paladin My Healers: "You're the hardest of our tanks to heal."; Me: "I've no idea why."
  179. Warrior Think I'm doing it wrong...
  180. Paladin Guidance needed...
  181. Warrior Tanking Stats. Requesting Help!
  182. Death Knight Nelf Dk tank hit dodge,parry expertize cap
  183. Paladin Rate my reforging and questions about something...
  184. Shaman Elemental Shaman really need help, lvl85 crap dps :s
  185. Tanking Blood DK Tanking questions
  186. Druid Taking too much damage tanking
  187. Rogue Questions about my Assasination Rogue (PVE)
  188. Paladin Priority for valor point items for Tankadin
  189. Paladin I need help reforging my stuff, and gear stuff.... plz help!
  190. Tanking Paladin looking for a check-up.
  191. Tanking Halp! need some Prot warrior advice
  192. Tanking Advice on avoidance VS Stam for heroic raids.
  193. Tanking Protection Warrior Tweaking Threat/Stats
  194. Druid General help with Druid
  195. Warrior Protection Professions
  196. Warlock Addon for remmembering Spell placements
  197. Tanking DK Missing taunt ability
  198. Tanking Bear tank at a loss..
  199. Tanking Back Up in This
  200. Warrior Rate my Prot warrior, Feedback welcomed!
  201. Paladin Tank/Healadin looking for a checkup
  202. Tanking Worth reforging/gemming to hit expertise/hit soft caps?
  203. Healing Priest Holy - Check up and Help
  204. Warrior Snap Aggro
  205. Paladin Stats, reforging and caps
  206. Tanking New to tanking
  207. Warrior Fury Warrior with low DPS
  208. Tanking Prot Warrior Raid Tanking - Stage 2.
  209. Tanking Prot pally, looking for feedback.
  210. Tanking Tank in distress - warrior
  211. Paladin Pally Tank looking for some insight
  212. Healing Heroic Healing Gear Check!
  213. Tanking Pre-raid check up
  214. Tanking Tank interrupts, hit or expertise or both?
  215. Tanking Help - Guild Tank Threat Awful
  216. Warrior Taking more dmg in raids than other tank. Cant figure out why?
  217. Druid Feral Tank Looking for a Check-Up
  218. Paladin Halp! I fail!
  219. Healing holy priest a suggestion about reforging plz
  220. Druid Blance Druid would appreciate some advice
  221. Tanking Human Warrior Tank Gear and stat check
  222. Healing Holy Pally Issues
  223. Tanking Prot Warrior trinket question
  224. Healing I'm a DPSer new to Healing
  225. Tanking Prot pally and hit
  226. Healing New to Resto Shaman
  227. Tanking Gearlvl for HC
  228. Druid Druid tank gemming
  229. Tanking Novice tankadin LF halp
  230. Tanking Protection Warrior - So far, so good?
  231. Tanking HALP!! "Vet" Holy Pally Turns Prot and Looks a Fool!
  232. HALP!! "Vet" Holy Pally Turns Prot and Looks a Fool!
  233. Tanking Guild rejecting me as a tank, while they are in need of a tank.
  234. Tanking first time noob
  235. Tanking Protection Paladin Heroic Geared?? Help needed
  236. Warrior Help with Gems
  237. Tanking Veteran Newb DK Tank
  238. Tanking Need help with Death Knight Tanking Rotations
  239. Shaman Elemental Shaman, need help dps while moving.
  240. Tanking So now I have enough of a score to do heroics, but now not enough hitpoints...
  241. Warrior Warrior Tank and Threat
  242. Paladin Returning Prot Pally PVP and PVE
  243. Warlock doing same dps i was in lk what is going on?
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  245. Paladin Tankadin
  246. Paladin Point me in the right direction
  247. Druid DPS stuck in the same range.
  248. Tanking If i could get some opinions..
  249. Warrior Warrior Checkup
  250. DPS PvE - Fury vs Arms