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  1. Death Knight Blood Tank-Where to spend Frost Emblems
  2. Tanking Continuing advice looking. gear/gems/enchants PROT WARRIOR
  3. DPS Fury Warrior Dps rotation
  4. Rogue Button Help!
  5. DPS darn low dps on drakes
  6. DPS Fury Warr looking to improve 7-8k dps
  7. Warrior Spend my 400 Frost - Warrior dps
  8. Warrior i need advice of all kinds
  9. Tanking Newbie DPS DK curious about Tanking. Questions may vary in number.
  10. Warrior tank treat issues can someone help me figure out why?
  11. Priest Holy vs Disc for leveling and raiding
  12. Death Knight Issues choosing blood spec, and appropriate gemming/gearing in general
  13. Tanking Suggestions And Advice (Upgrades)
  14. Warrior Picking my warrior back up
  15. Healing HALP! Valithria orb tricks?
  16. Druid Balance Druid lvl 80 in need of help.
  17. Tanking Protection Paladin Icc(10m) ready.
  18. DPS New Guild Starting ICC 10
  19. Druid Bear Tank Info
  20. Tanking Spec Problems
  21. Healing Resto Druid generally
  22. Tanking Old DK tank makes return and is lost with the new stuff
  23. Tanking Need additional Information- Death Knight Tanking
  24. Tanking Death Knight Tank/Level advice
  25. Tanking I feel like i need a better rotation.
  26. Tanking vigilance question
  27. Tanking Druid Gear Advice going into 10 ICC
  28. Warrior When should I wear what
  29. Paladin Help get my Dranai Pally Tank Ready for ICC & ToC
  30. Mage Stats?
  31. Tanking How can i get my Pally Tank ICC ToC ready?
  32. Warrior Protect Warrior looking for advice
  33. Druid Bear Tank Battle Res Macro Question
  34. DPS Fury Warrior need some advice
  35. Tanking Warrior Rotations
  36. Warrior Fine tuning the Fury
  37. Druid Bear tanking Questions
  38. Tanking Halion twilight realm sucks
  39. Rogue Help! Rogue Gear / Profession advice!
  40. Priest Disc priest gear choice
  41. Tanking Threat problems with a DK tank.
  42. Death Knight Death and Decay Bonuses Stacking?
  43. Warrior What piece(s) next with frost badges?
  44. Rogue how i get higher dps
  45. Warrior Fury DPS halp
  46. Tanking Warrior - What to enchant on my weapon?
  47. Tanking Warrior gear
  48. Warrior Yet Another fury warrior WHINING!!!!!HALP ME PLZ!!!
  49. Tanking I am scared of H Halls of Reflection.
  50. Priest Dual Spec advice
  51. Warrior Any pre-raid tanking upgrades I'm missing on this list?
  52. Warrior Slam addon
  53. Shaman Elemental Shaman DPS
  54. Death Knight HELP with DK tanking and gearing
  55. Tanking Sometimes is difficult for me to keep aggro, may have I wrong something in my pala?
  56. Tanking Dk tank needs HELP
  57. Rogue Looking for a little help.
  58. Tanking Initial Threat low?
  59. Warrior Prot War trying out Arms: Getting started with gear
  60. Healing First, Second, Third IDK!!!!!!!!!
  61. Tanking Anything to Critique?
  62. Tanking Prot Warrior + Cruelty
  63. Hunter Halp! Yeah, I seriously need halp! Back after serveral years away.
  64. Warrior All Things DPS
  65. Healing Restro Druid Help
  66. DPS A little MM hunter help if you will pls
  67. Death Knight [Help] Looking For Level 60 Frost Tank Spec
  68. Tanking Death Knight - Need Assistance: Gear and Talent
  69. Healing Need some direction
  70. Death Knight Bryntoll:The Bone arbiter good for DK tanks?
  71. Tanking Prot pally What can I tank??
  72. Tanking Horde DK Tank: Tauren or Orc??
  73. Tanking Back from a Break and my DK seems to be squishy? Halp?
  74. Tanking Addon sugestion
  75. Tanking Bear Gear Advice
  76. having some issues with aggro and people say im not gemmed right for a warrior tank
  77. Healing holy pally gear
  78. Warrior Tanking Armory Critique
  79. Tanking Headed in the right direction?
  80. Tanking Level 59, and getting trucked over in a 60 dungeon?
  81. Mage Mage gem help plz
  82. Tanking Bonebreaker Scepter Vs. The Facelifter
  83. Tanking Halion 10m normal
  84. Tanking Fresh tank seeking advice
  85. Paladin Starting to Dungeon with low level healadin?
  86. Tanking Aesthetic Paladin Tank Talent Dilemna
  87. Tanking I'm a Bad Tank
  88. Tanking DK Tank Help!
  89. Tanking In 6/12 ICC guild, wondering where to spend frosts next
  90. Shaman ele shammy confused
  91. Tanking Advice
  92. Tanking DK Tank Help Hardmode set up!
  93. Paladin What to get next?
  94. Tanking Fresh 80 Prot Tank... where to go now?
  95. Tanking DK Tanking Help
  96. DPS need a good warrior PVP spec (no more carebearing)
  97. Priest please help !! with my shadow priest
  98. Paladin Gear Choices
  99. Warrior Looking For An Expert :)
  100. Tanking Druid Tanks- Str VS Agi
  101. Tanking Feral Druid Help
  102. Tanking Concussion Blow in threat rotation?
  103. Warrior Fury advice requested
  104. Death Knight With the 30% buff causing threat issues.
  105. Tanking Warrior threat issue with off tank
  106. Tanking Spec and Glyph Help for DK Tank
  107. Warrior heading into ARMS! advice and all that jazz!
  108. Hunter Need the help of a high dps hunter
  109. Warrior frosts, t10 or 10.5? + more
  110. Warrior Warrior Tank Spec with DPS in mind...
  111. Tanking warrior tanking macro's
  112. Paladin I'm so sick of being hacked.
  113. Tanking Gear Advice [DK Tank]
  114. Paladin Anything you see wrong?
  115. Tanking New Tank Help
  116. Tanking Gemming - Expertise and Hit Rating.
  117. Tanking Would you take me to ICC hard modes?
  118. Warrior Arms Warrior respecing/gearing for Fury dps?
  119. Tanking New to tanking... DK
  120. Tanking Any good advice about my Character?
  121. Druid AoE Threat Problems
  122. DPS Looking For Community Help (Fury)
  123. Paladin Recently Duel Spec'd to Prot Pally. Need some advice...
  124. Warrior Gemming a PvP Prot Warrior in PvP gear
  125. Tanking Death Knight tank-gear advice
  126. Tanking Taking to Much Damage!
  127. Tanking Character Decisions
  128. Tanking Hit rating problem
  129. Warrior Fury Rotation Question
  130. Paladin Glyphing for bosses and trash
  131. Warrior equip choices
  132. Tanking Need help getting geared for ICC10!
  133. Warrior Deep Wounds Question
  134. Tanking Having Threat issues.
  135. Paladin Can't seem to get it right
  136. Tanking Just checking.
  137. Warrior fury frost
  138. Paladin Need help choosing a home.
  139. Warrior Max Heroic DPS as a Prot Warrior?
  140. Tanking Is My Druid geared enough to run ICC 10?
  141. Tanking Please Advise - Fresh 80 Pally Tank
  142. Tanking How am i doing so far? (80 pally)
  143. Tanking First time Lich King 10 man: How to handle necrotic plague when shambler dies
  144. Paladin Gem/Enchant Question For Many Types of Classes
  145. Tanking Warrior "decent geared" looking for advices.
  146. Tanking DW DK TAnk
  147. Tanking Am I geared enough for ICC 10/25?
  148. Tanking Pally tank (wondering if my gems and talents are right)
  149. Druid Druid Tanking ICC
  150. Tanking sseeking toc/icc 10 reg/heroic advice pally
  151. Tanking Warrior Tank Addons?
  152. Death Knight Tanking @ 60
  153. Tanking 70-79 Prot Warrior gear questions
  154. Tanking Seeking more advice on gear
  155. Druid Stuck at sindy 10 man normal....
  156. Death Knight Stam vs Defence advice needed
  157. Warlock not sure where i should be
  158. Tanking NEW At Tanking.
  159. Tanking beginner questions
  160. Tanking Agro issue
  161. Warrior ArP Cap
  162. Healing ICC10/25 HM am i ready?
  163. Tanking Next frost badge upgrade (nearing bis pre H25)
  164. Warrior Tank gear advice
  165. Tanking As a prot warrior what should I do with these triumph emblems now?
  166. Paladin Please help, Last time i hope
  167. Tanking Just got gauntlets of the kraken, what gems should I put in the gloves?
  168. Druid Heroic Lich King threat too low
  169. Tanking Gearing for ICC 10
  170. Death Knight What am I ready to tank (10m only)?
  171. Tanking To much Aggro
  172. Priest Please help...a priest in need of not-so-spiritual guidance
  173. Paladin Question about 969 and trash/aoe pulls
  174. Paladin Quick Simple Question: 1/2 or 2/2 Imp Judgments?
  175. Warrior Gear advice upgrades.
  176. Shaman Resto Shammy having mana issues.
  177. Tanking Getting ready for 10man heroics
  178. Priest Need an Opinion on Race (A)
  179. Tanking Pally Heroic Instance Tanking Question
  180. Paladin Best way to get Heirloom Items? New lv 80 Prot pally
  181. Warrior Where to go from here (prot gear)
  182. Death Knight help with blood spec and a small gear question too.
  183. Warrior Fury warrior dps- what am i doing wrong?
  184. Warrior warrior tanking gemming and rotation
  185. Tanking Help with druid tanking
  186. Tanking Prot Paladin needs help with Gems/ Gear / Avoidance
  187. Warrior fury warrior BOE
  188. Would like some help with my druid tank
  189. DPS Fury warrior gemming question - ArP
  190. DPS dreamwalker fire mage
  191. Shaman Elemental DPS Help
  192. Tanking Prot Pally Problems
  193. Tanking Help! How to get better gear.
  194. DPS Hunter T10
  195. Paladin Paladin tank threat issues.
  196. Tanking Trying to gear up for 10 man ICC need gear/spec suggestions
  197. Warrior Fury warrior Trinkets / gems
  198. DPS how to get an extra 2-3k dps ?
  199. Druid Druid tanking halp!
  200. Death Knight Frost Tanking Help
  201. Tanking Dwarf Warrior- Need tanking advice
  202. Hunter Survival Hunter PvP
  203. Warrior Fury DPS is low
  204. Tanking Cleave or not to Cleave?
  205. Rogue Should i regem to haste instead of ap?
  206. Druid Just hit Northrend and am abit worried..
  207. Tanking ICC Frost Tanking Question
  208. Warrior Arms with bad dps
  209. Tanking Trying out tanking again?
  210. Tanking HELP!!! tanking lich king
  211. Tanking Trying to get back into it...
  212. Tanking Prot Paladin Hit Rating
  213. Death Knight DK dps advice
  214. DPS Fury warrior Off spec, need help.
  215. Warrior Tank - Low Expertise and Stamina
  216. Tanking Trying to figure out interesting Prot spec
  217. Mage I think my DPS is a bit low. Would love some tips and pointers.
  218. Warrior What the heck is wrong with my DPS?! / FURY WARRIOR
  219. Warrior L20 protection warrior - what abilities to use without devastate and shield slam?
  220. DPS Having problems with LK phase 2
  221. Warrior Fury DPS -- Mainhand vs Offhand?
  222. Tanking Warrior needs a brutal inspection for Sindragosa and Lich King
  223. Tanking Omg ma Tanking :-|
  224. Paladin Tanking: Where to go next for me gear wise, and thoughts on my current spec?
  225. Warrior tank but not tank want to dps but
  226. Tanking Having some threat issues - DK tank HM ICC25
  227. Warlock Low dps
  228. Warrior Fury Warrior in need of help and advice !!
  229. Tanking Is there an easy to search list of movies on tankspot please?
  230. Paladin Ret Paladin How do I get my dps up!?
  231. DPS Fury dps warrior looking for help on dps
  232. Tanking Firefighter 25
  233. Tanking The Protection Warrior 2pc bonus: how do you rate it?
  234. Warrior arms warrior needs help
  235. Druid Boomkin DPS Haste or keep gemming crit?
  236. Death Knight Major issues with AoE Tanking
  237. Tanking What gems/enchants should I get?
  238. Hunter MM hunter not sure what stat to focus on
  239. DPS Ret Pally DPS - Please evaluate and offer suggestions
  240. Druid My health is apparently too low...
  241. Tanking DK Tank need help for ICC 10
  242. Warrior Just got back from a long break,
  243. Warrior LK phase 1 and WW+Cleave
  244. Warrior Arms dps looking for gear and rotation help
  245. DPS Deathbringer's Will bugged?
  246. Tanking Gear, where to go from here?
  247. Tanking Prot Warrior Low on threat
  248. Tanking Confused about this DK tanking build.
  249. Warrior P2/P3 25HM Halion Survivability Issues
  250. Tanking New Paladin (Wanna-Be-Tank)