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  9. Healing Group make up for Hardmode 10s.
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  21. Warrior The Warrior Tank Rotation
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  28. Tanking Pro warrior...Should I get the Corroded Skeleton Key or purchase the belt or gloves?
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  30. Warrior Fury Spec
  31. Tanking Death Knight Tanking (Blood)
  32. Tanking Protection Warrior Gearing Help
  33. Tanking i feel like i take more damage then i should
  34. DPS Warrior
  35. Tanking Aggro problems
  36. Mage Need some input on what to buy
  37. Tanking should i start icc? gear check
  38. Warrior Warrior T10 4 set bonus + Pillars of might
  39. Death Knight DK Tank: Gearing Predicament.
  40. Tanking Check up: Making sure I'm ready for ICC10
  41. Paladin I need to improve badly...
  42. DPS Quick question.
  43. Mage Help my poor mage please
  44. Tanking Threat isn't the best.
  45. Paladin Bad threat?
  46. Druid First Cat Dps Druid
  47. Tanking Need advice on DK Blood Tank
  48. Warrior Fury DPS
  49. Warrior Fury warrior with expertise questions.
  50. Tanking Paly tank
  51. Tanking Gear Check
  52. Death Knight Frost DK
  53. Warrior Fury warrior needs custom made help, please! :)
  54. Tanking Warrior ICC Tanking Build
  55. Death Knight Questions on gemming for a Death Knight tank.
  56. Death Knight DK Blood Tank: Slight Change to Talent Spec.
  57. Healing Disc priest pvp, need to up my game
  58. Tanking Prot warrior expertise
  59. Tanking I have threat Issues...What am I missing?
  60. DPS fury warrior what do i need
  61. Tanking DPS for DK Tank: Blood vs. Frost
  62. Hunter I...am so very frustrated.
  63. Death Knight Frost build tanking (Weapons)
  64. Tanking Upgrade Quandry
  65. Tanking Warrior Pro tank need help
  66. Druid Boomkin dps is lacking
  67. Tanking Heroic 25 Saurfang - Tanking advice
  68. Tanking gs to tank voa 10
  69. Tanking H:HoR - Prot Warrior Problems
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  71. Warrior What should I buy first?
  72. Warrior Prot warrior dps spec
  73. Paladin General Information :)
  74. Tanking Checkup with the tank doctors.
  75. Death Knight blood tank advice
  76. Priest How do I gear for both Disc and Holy?
  77. Warrior Fury Off-spec Questions - Frosties, Hit, and suggestions
  78. Warrior Fury Gemming/Gear Advise
  79. Priest Help on becoming a doner.
  80. Tanking DK Blood tanking
  81. Tanking Am I ready for Heroics?
  82. Death Knight Tanking Help: Blood DK
  83. Tanking Taking too much dmg for healer's.
  84. Tanking Frost DK tank looking for kind advice
  85. Paladin Please critique my tank
  86. Warrior some fury help
  87. Tanking Do some mobs ignore threat?
  88. Warrior LDW HC add aggro problem
  89. Tanking Prot warrior, Just need to make sure im doing everything right.
  90. Warrior Looking for honest advice
  91. Paladin need holy pally help
  92. Mage Dealing with no show raiders.
  93. Tanking Frost DK
  94. Tanking Confused about DK hit rating?
  95. DPS LK Fury Warrior - Piercing Howl ?
  96. Tanking suggestions about my char(gear/gem/enchant anything)
  97. Warrior What should I go for next?
  98. Tanking Just attmpted to tank VOA 10 first time
  99. Paladin Paladin tanking Librams question.
  100. DPS my ele shammy needs help
  101. Tanking New Prot Warrior Help!
  102. Tanking ICC Warrior Tank Advice
  103. Tanking Can i tank ICC whit this gear?! :)
  104. Warlock off to affliction!!!
  105. Tanking New Frost DK Tank Needing Advice And Constructive Critisism
  106. Druid I'm Having Threat Issues, Please Help Me Understand Why
  107. Tanking Recently returned to WoW prot warrior.
  108. having some issues with com chat for icc fights
  109. Tanking Do these pants make me look fat
  110. Tanking Overall gearing
  111. DPS I GOT HACKED! What am I really looking at...
  112. Tanking Am i ready to tank?
  113. Tanking Frost DK
  114. Tanking Rate Me!
  115. Warrior Am I Main Tank ICC Ready?
  116. Tanking In need of some help to get back up
  117. Tanking Am I geared for Tanking ICC for Dummies
  118. Tanking Need Advice on Gear
  119. Warrior t10
  120. Warlock Help !! demo/destuction & raiding
  121. Tanking 10 man Icecrown Citidal
  122. Druid Druid Assistance ASAP
  123. ArP & DPS
  124. Tanking DK Tank wants advice
  125. Warrior Advice on Spending Frost Emblems
  126. Tanking prot warrior need advice
  127. Paladin I need gear and gemming advice plz
  128. Warrior Need advice on gemming and overall tips
  129. Tanking Raid Ready?
  130. Paladin How to improve my dps?
  131. Mage Al little assistance for a new Mage pls
  132. Druid Battle Grounds HELP!!!
  133. Tanking Leatherworking or Mining, for a Prot Warrior Tank
  134. DPS Fury Warrior Caps
  135. DPS Another "Im fury but my dps sucks" thread
  136. Tanking Lost on what to upgrade next on my pally.
  137. Paladin LK Specific Spec?
  138. Warrior Help if you have the time!
  139. Mage Mage lvl80 GS approx GS 5000 with only 3,4k dps -- what do you think?
  140. Druid Bear using Kitty to Drop Threat
  141. Tanking Where do i need to improve my gear for icc10?
  142. Tanking First time OTing ICC 10 as a Warrior.....Oh boy
  143. Warrior Tanking Raids.
  144. Tanking Improvements?
  145. Tanking tank lacking confidence ! :( .. head enchant help ?
  146. Tanking I need a lot of help.. warrior tank
  147. Tanking Looking for some advise [Tankadin]
  148. Tanking whilst leveling Death Knight advice
  149. Death Knight Frost DW Dps Confused
  150. Tanking Dk Tank needing some constructive criticism
  151. Tanking Warrior Tanking Help
  152. Tanking Prot WarriorDamage Mitigation Help
  153. Warrior Off-set or T10 bonuses
  154. Healing Healing addons
  155. Shaman Some advice for Elemental Shaman
  156. Shaman Elemental Shaman - missing something key regarding DPS
  157. Tanking Lost Pally
  158. Tanking Yet another Deathnoob
  159. Warrior Off-spec Fury DPS Suggestions
  160. Warrior Indestructible Plate Girdle- to craft or not to craft?
  161. Death Knight Help with Belkin n52te programing
  162. Tanking Frost Emblem Tanking Choices!
  163. Druid Bear Off Tanking, Rage, or how I twiddle my thumbs
  164. Rogue New 80 Combat Rogue Gemming/Poison help
  165. Paladin whats wrong with me?
  166. Tanking New tankadin mana problems
  167. Druid New lvl 80 druid needs help asap
  168. Paladin [Tanking] Conviction + Persuit of Justice vs. Reckoning
  169. Warrior PVE Arms spec
  170. Tanking how bad is my bear
  171. Tanking Prot Warrior, can't find a guild :(
  172. Warrior Fury - Update Required
  173. Druid Druid tanking threat issues
  174. Rogue What are my options here?
  175. Warrior Prot warrior seeking advice
  176. Tanking tanking bref on spec & rotation for prot warrior
  177. Paladin RET Pally rotation
  178. Shaman bad dps and no idea why =/
  179. Tanking 264 ~ 277
  180. Tanking Check my DK tank! Need advice
  181. Warrior Prot Warrior. Need help picking next piece of gear.
  182. Rogue Now that I'm near the end of 10 man heroics..
  183. Death Knight First frost emblem pick
  184. Druid New bear tank.
  185. Warrior Shadow's Edge vs. Cryptmaker - PvE Arms
  186. DPS General DPS Gearing Question
  187. Druid Need Advice on rotation for kitty dps/Tanking For Druid
  188. Warrior I need to know what to improve...
  189. Tanking help the importance of expertise and hit for tanks
  190. Tanking DK Tank styles
  191. Tanking Prot Warrior, looking to know what i should be aiming for now.
  192. Tanking Next Frost emblem item...
  193. Tanking Armor Cap
  194. Death Knight Unholy DPS issues help....
  195. Tanking Stuck on gear choice
  196. Tanking Warrior Prot gems?? stamina?parry?agi???
  197. Tanking Fairly new lvl 80 looking for gear advice
  198. Tanking Having a hard time holding aggro..
  199. Warrior PvE arms warrior, advice
  200. Paladin Gearing for ICC 10/25
  201. Warrior Warrior DPS
  202. Tanking Our prot war keeps dying
  203. Healing Holy priest could use some advice.
  204. Warrior Arp Switch really worth it
  205. Tanking Getting hit too hard
  206. Paladin Tank Gearing for ICC (or enough to get accepted into a raiding guild)
  207. Death Knight Trinkets
  208. Tanking Warrior Pro tank need help
  209. Paladin Ret Paladin doing too little damage, needs help.
  210. Tanking I'm not ready for HC HoR????
  211. Warrior warrior threat problem
  212. Death Knight Tank question
  213. Warrior ArP
  214. Tanking Need help with choosing Prot gear (Warrior)
  215. Mage Frost Mage DPS Rotation
  216. DPS LF Addon! Help plz!
  217. Tanking Protection warrior on battle stance: Rotation/Priorities?
  218. Paladin Im not updated on what spells to use...
  219. DPS warrior dps
  220. Warrior Rend Check Macro
  221. Tanking Marrowgar HC problems
  222. Tanking Should i ditch the Goose
  223. Tanking whats next for this bear
  224. Death Knight Burning Crusade tanking advice
  225. Tanking New alt warrior
  226. Druid Bear Tanking Advice Requested
  227. Tanking Tanking LK25 for the first time
  228. Tanking prot pally need help gearing
  229. Warrior Prot warrior, Expertise or Agility gem?
  230. Warrior Fury Dps Tricks?
  231. Tanking Hit needed
  232. Paladin T-10 2pc shoulder dilemma
  233. Mage Mage Tanking
  234. Warrior Prot warrior, Need help choosing chest.
  235. Tanking Paladin Tanking Question (Mana Issues)
  236. Tanking gearing port pally
  237. Paladin Ret paladin dps
  238. Healing trying to make a trinket choice
  239. Tanking Choice of t10 gear
  240. Death Knight Few questions form a newbie DK tank
  241. Healing Splitting time between Healing and DPS
  242. Druid Tree Spec Check.
  243. Warrior Few Protection/Protection Keybinds Questions
  244. Tanking Level 43 Warrior AOE Tanking help. FUUUUU
  245. Tanking Omen threat meter
  246. Tanking Beginning to Tank ICC - What to do with my Frost badges?
  247. Tanking Gearing up .
  248. Tanking What should I upgrade?
  249. Warrior Arms Warrior Blues.
  250. Tanking A bit lost on next frost piece..