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  7. H 5 man spec
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  13. Tanking Death Knight Gear Choice
  14. Death Knight Should I drop Icy Talons from my frost tank spec?
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  17. Warrior arms warrior noobing it up!?
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  19. Death Knight Critque My Tank DK
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  22. Paladin Best in Slot Pants?
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  24. Tanking Tanking with Hit/exp is NOT needed
  25. Death Knight New to dk tanking
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  28. Warrior Fury Help!
  29. DPS what the hell is going on!
  30. Tanking DK tanking assistance
  31. Healing UI problem
  32. Paladin Please review + comment on gemming etc.
  33. Tanking Returning player and gear upgrade question
  34. Death Knight Requesting constructive criticism
  35. DK tanking
  36. Warrior Fury Warriors Critic
  37. Death Knight My threat sucks.......
  38. Warrior Arms Warrior: Just obtained DBW, need halp!
  39. Death Knight Need help with Hit Rating on Tank DK
  40. Death Knight Overall Help on DK DW Frost Tanking for ICC
  41. Tanking What am i doing wrong?
  42. Warrior 2/5 Shield Spec
  43. Tanking DK tanking 101
  44. Warrior ArP or Str
  45. Warrior Confused completly Warrior DPS i need of advice
  46. Death Knight DPS Gear. What sould i take.
  47. Tanking I haven't played in a while - Really need some advice and questions answered.
  48. Tanking Festergut and warrior tanking advice
  49. Tanking Need help with block, and other caps
  50. Tanking Advice needed....
  51. Death Knight Unholy DPS rotation tweaking?
  52. Tanking Spreadsheet Makes No Sense
  53. Tanking I think I'm lost and y'all are my GPS
  54. Warrior Need some Halp
  55. Druid Tanking Upgrades
  56. Death Knight Am I ready to tank ICC10?
  57. Tanking Better way to find items to compare for itemization?
  58. Druid Pondering Tier 10
  59. Death Knight A Tank's moral azimuth check...
  60. Paladin Expertise Hardcap
  61. Tanking Returning Warrior Needs Advice (gear)
  62. Tanking Where and what gear is needed?
  63. Warrior Gear
  64. Warrior Fury Warrior - Help
  65. Tanking "Squishy" Warrior Tank needs help
  66. Tanking Chill of the Throne and DR
  67. Tanking New Tank in Overgeared Group
  68. Warrior Dump Warrior Question
  69. Healing Disc Priest 3.3 help --Gemming + T10
  70. Tanking Festergut - our tank is oneshottet!
  71. Warrior I need some advice for my tank
  72. Tanking Squeeshy warrior looking to be less squeeshy.
  73. Tanking DK tank back from 4month break..need help
  74. Tanking DK Tanking questions
  75. new tank in need of help
  76. Tanking What am I geared to raid
  77. Warrior Triumph pick order, still in tier 7
  78. Tanking what gear to get to tank/OT ICC
  79. DPS DPS & Parry Question & Possible Build
  80. Tanking Prot warrior, next item..?
  81. Warrior Help! One of our tanks may be doing it wrong...
  82. Death Knight Help me help my DPS
  83. Warrior Prot warr concerns regarding shield slam (PVE)
  84. Death Knight Frost DW tank feeling squishy
  85. Healing Holy priest gemming questions
  86. Tanking Just need some help with gearing. Etc.
  87. Rogue Rogue Combat Help
  88. DPS Stick with Str. or start stacking ArP?
  89. Tanking Update advice from experts
  90. Warrior Help with Gearing
  91. Tanking Blood --> Frost Tanking
  92. Tanking Fresh Meat needs advice ...
  93. Paladin quick pally spec ?
  94. Death Knight Something just doesn't feel right
  95. Warrior How important is making the soft cap for expertise?
  96. Tanking I feel like I've reached an impasse
  97. Tanking please help, have a few questions
  98. Rogue Combat help and tips
  99. Paladin Intermittent Pally threat issues
  100. Death Knight Halp! DK Blood tank Wftpwned on OS+3D 10
  101. Tanking Current Build
  102. Tanking Tanking in H.HoR
  103. Warrior The right way to follow??
  104. Tanking Which Tank Advice needed.
  105. Paladin Prot Pally Tanking
  106. Tanking Warrior with a Pally Question
  107. Death Knight DK Tank looking for advice.
  108. Tanking Halp im loosing threat where i havent lost it b4!!
  109. Rogue Combat help! Pls!!!
  110. Tanking Trinkets
  111. Death Knight tanking issues
  112. Druid Confused
  113. Druid Rate My Moonkin Gear and Spec
  114. Death Knight Baby DK frost tank looking for advice
  115. Tanking Enchanting my Weapon
  116. Death Knight Frost Dual Wield DPS
  117. Death Knight Expertise upgrade
  118. Tanking Protection Paladin >Problems<
  119. Tanking Triumph gear question
  120. Tanking adding Tank Off Spec - please review
  121. Death Knight Tanking spec comparisons?
  122. Warrior Help, my DPS just screwed me over!
  123. Warrior Under Lvl 80 Warriors
  124. Warrior Fury warrior w/ lower then expected dps
  125. Tanking Looking for some balance
  126. Tanking Warrior tank needs help with reducing spikey damage
  127. Warrior Quick Enchanting Query
  128. Tanking Prot Pally first steps into ToC/ICC
  129. Tanking Threat Meter
  130. Tanking DK Tanking in ICC?
  131. Death Knight So I'm new to these parts, & see this as the next step of becoming a better player!
  132. Warlock Warlock DPS - not high enough?
  133. Death Knight Ticked of Frost DW Tank needs some help
  134. Tanking Prot Warrior. How can I increase my DPS?
  135. Death Knight Which glyph to use for Frost tanking?
  136. Warrior 3.3 Arms ArP (I am bad at Math)
  137. Tanking Need Tanking Suggestions
  138. Tanking Protection warrior requesting feedback
  139. Tanking Camera Positioning is killing me.
  140. Death Knight Blood spec. No Morbidity/sudden doom?
  141. Tanking Protection Warrior Advice Please
  142. Warrior Strength ARP balance Arms Warrior
  143. Warrior Can any pro warrior check my armory (STR or ArP)?
  144. Warrior Just started tanking and spec right, gemming...
  145. Tanking Tanking advice/Gear check
  146. Warrior Vigilance
  147. Warrior Saving for Cataclysmic Chest, having 2nd thoughts
  148. Death Knight DK tank need advice please
  149. Warrior Fury Gear Check
  150. Warrior Frost Emblem cloaks for Fury
  151. Tanking DK - looking for critique on gear/spec for ICC10
  152. Tanking Need Advice / Tankadin
  153. DPS I should be better than this?
  154. DPS Way too much expertise
  155. Mage gearing and enchants
  156. Warrior Should this Fury Warrior switch Strength to ArP?
  157. Tanking DK tank i need of assist.
  158. Tanking DK / Paladin Tanking Synergy Missing?
  159. Warrior Chill of the....Nevermind he's dead.
  160. Tanking Help me!
  161. Druid I failed at Halls of Reflection today
  162. Death Knight Frost Tank Needs Help
  163. Tanking new to tanking, need some help
  164. Tanking "squishy" tank
  165. Death Knight Rate my blood tank plz
  166. Tanking Prot Warrior Tanking Goals/Progression
  167. DPS Help me not suck plz
  168. Warrior Festergut problems
  169. Tanking 4p set bonus vs stats upgrade - which wins?
  170. Tanking Frost MT spec.
  171. Tanking Hit cap dilema
  172. Death Knight Dk Tanking Help
  173. Tanking Brand new tank needing advice...
  174. Tanking Help with my pally tank.
  175. Warrior Arms Warrior gear advice wanted
  176. Warrior Fury Warrior need help with DPS!!!
  177. Warrior Fury Weapons..?
  178. Death Knight DK Offtank Help
  179. Warrior HALP! offspec and what to get next
  180. Warrior Warrior tank losing aggro! HALP!
  181. Rogue Agility or Attack Power?
  182. Tanking Frost DK in need of aid
  183. Tanking Getting worked in the 2nd wing of ICC
  184. Death Knight Sorry, but i would like advice as a dk tank
  185. Tanking this trinket no no no this trinket....hmm wich prot warrior trinket
  186. Tanking Ideal DW-Frost Weapons?
  187. Tanking Resilience vs Defense
  188. Tanking Are there any good mogs fo tanking
  189. Warrior Straight forward gear talent check.
  190. Tanking DK gear/spec check please
  191. DPS Need help with fury
  192. Death Knight Looking for some tanking advice =/
  193. Paladin Triumph Gear, New 80
  194. Tanking Please comment on Warrior Gear/Spec
  195. DPS WTS; Expertise.
  196. Warlock looking for some advice with gear
  197. Death Knight Converting a dusty dps to Tank
  198. Warrior Need some gear advice please...
  199. Death Knight Beardly Death Knight arena/pvp guide, where can i find it?
  200. Tanking Where can my gear take me?
  201. Warrior Frost Emblems - What to buy
  202. Tanking ICC gear and spec questions for warriors
  203. Death Knight Hit Rating DK tank issue
  204. Death Knight Frost DK tanking threat issues
  205. Druid Bear+Cat spec - is there a good one?
  206. Tanking Prot Warrior talant build advice.
  207. Warrior Fury advise please
  208. Hunter Hunter Weapon and Gear Enchants and Gems
  209. Druid New Druid Need Advice
  210. Warrior Fury Warrior with a little low dps, I think...
  211. Tanking Rerolling tank (pala or warr)
  212. Tanking need tanking advice for for icc
  213. Druid Bear ICC gemming question
  214. Tanking Paladin howto get 40K+ stamina
  215. Tanking Quick Marmot Check prior to entering ICC 10
  216. Death Knight Blood tank...Which gloves T10 or EoF?
  217. Tanking So Where Next?
  218. DPS id like some pointers (8/9 icc 10 fury war dps)
  219. Warrior Protection warrior gear question: frost emblem gear or tier 10
  220. Death Knight Where to go from here..
  221. Warrior Help! New to tanking
  222. Paladin What should I go get first now
  223. Tanking HALP! need advice.
  224. Warrior heroic tanking spec (warr)
  225. Paladin Raid Tanking
  226. DPS Fury DPS Gear Help and Advice Needed.
  227. Warrior [tanking] I'd like to move one point around, what's optimal?
  228. Tanking 80 Warrior Tank | Need advice with agro etc
  229. Death Knight 2H Frost DK - Having Some Threat Issue's
  230. Death Knight Blood DPS, am I stacking too much Strength?
  231. Warrior Not enough tps? :( getting annoyed
  232. Death Knight Need adivce on spec/more threat?
  233. Paladin Having Gear questions.
  234. Warlock i have some top gear and i feel my dps should be better
  235. Tanking Curious if my gears good enough to tank 10man ICC(Pally)
  236. Death Knight 2h Frost DK - Threat Questions
  237. Rogue Hack and Slash Troubles
  238. Tanking New to tanking
  239. Death Knight Starting DW Tank Weapons
  240. Tanking frustrated bear
  241. Warrior Low fury dps
  242. Gear Check!
  243. Paladin General Paladin Tanking Review
  244. Warrior Trouble tanking Festergut.
  245. Tanking No mana for me.
  246. Tanking 80 frosty dk help!
  247. Warrior Need advice for Frost Emblems Items
  248. Tanking trinkets trinkets trinkets (and other gear)
  249. DPS Low DPS pally
  250. Warrior Hybrid or just one way with ArP or Strength