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12-18-2007, 02:25 AM
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  1. Lukazra
    Hmm, MCRD San Diego, California. A jet flies over every 5 mins reminding me of the ppl that are freely moving about and the prospect of escape. My dogs are barking from this hot parade deck and my body is still sore from the O course run this morning. I have a head ache from this drill instructor yelling in my ear about "toe-to-toe" alignment. My nose itches, but I dare not scratch it, that would invite a barrage of verbal abuse. A bead of sweat runs down my spine. The new drill instructor promises me a visit to the quarter deck back at the house. Platoon XXXX Oorah!!!
  2. Lego
    OOrah Cinder man, I remember my days there laying in my bunk as th sound of the aircraft in the background remind you of home and make you wonder what the hell am I doing here.

    Kilo Company Platoon 4052
  3. Hodur
    MCRD Paris Island.
    3rd battalion Mike Co. Platoon 3064
    Graduated August 11 2006 lol
  4. Dirtloneous
    Cpl of Marines (retired) 12/12/2000-12/12/2005
    Semper Fi dog...OOHRAH TANKSPOT!
  5. Oorag
    ^^^^^ Hence the (altered) name.
    semper bud,
    Although I went to Paris Island, we like you Hollywood Marines too.

    Cpl (retired) 2004NOV14 - 2008NOV14
  6. Onetuth
    Paris? Hollywood? Man, you Americans got it good!
    I was in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia in 89'

    Head Up! Shoulders Back! Keep it real Cinder!

    Cpl (retired) 89-98
  7. Kiezer
    I can honestly say that I enjoyed Boot Camp, lol.

    Sgt, currently stationed at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, JP.
  8. Regennil
    Semper Fi, Brother!! I loved those days... watchin the planes take off... counting the days till i was on one.
    Sgt - Sept. 21, 1998 - 2003
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